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July 6, 2020. In the month of July many Dutch and foreign TV programs and news papers paid attention to the missed Vrijthof concerts in Maastricht, due to the corona virus safety measures. Rieu Week, Limburg TV. Click on the picture to watch videos and read articles on the Harmony Parlor website.
July 5, 2020. Nice interview with Donij van Doorn, in the local newspaper Tubantia. Click on the picture. (Photo by Marcel van Hoorn).
July, 15, 2020 A Special by L1, LIMBOURGEOIS, André’s unforgettable Vrijthof concerts. Click on the picture. Duration: 55 minutes.
July 20, 2020. Report of the 3-day package Maastricht organized by André Rieu Travel to offer the fans a different Rieu experience, during the empty Vrijthof July - Aug. days of corona-2020. Click on the picture.
June - July 2020. Instagram Live chats between Australia and the Netherlands. Mirusia spoke with Laura Engel, Carla Maffioletti and Frank Steijns on Instagram Live. If you missed their hilarious chats about touring with André Rieu behind the scenes, click on the picture. What a treat for the fans!!
July 29, 2020. A short interview with André Rieu, broadcast by MDR 1, BRISANT, German TV. Click on the picture.
August 4, 2020. Corona campaign Limburg. “It's good that you follow the rules”, that is the message of the new campaign of the South Limburg Safety Region, in which André Rieu is the first known citizen of Limburg to cooperate.
August 7, 2020. Dining in Rieu Style. The André Rieu Travel team organizes a corona proof four course diner arrangement in Chateau St. Gerlach on Sat. September 5, 2020, with music of the Maastricht Salon Orchestra. Interested? Mail: Click HERE for information at the website.
August 6, 2020 Orchestra members JSO start mini concerts in September. Article and video by 1Limburg, Chapeau Magazine. Reporter: Jo Cortenraedt. André Rieu’s Travel Team organizes dinners with music by the Maastricht Salon Orchestra. Click on the picture
August 7, 2020 and September 11, 2020. Shownieuws, SBS 6 Dutch TV. Click on the picture.
August 18, 2020. Interview OP1, NPO 1, Dutch TV, André Rieu and André van Duin. Click on the picture to watch the video.
August 18, 2020. Dutch TV business program Humberto untertakes. by RTL Z. Interviewer: Humberto Tan. Click on the picture to watch the video.
September 3rd 2020. New articles on the Harmony Parlor Blog! RIEU’S MAASTRICHT (Click HERE) André Rieu reminisces with Privé. (Click HERE) Both articles are from the “Telegraaf/Privé”, Dutch newspaper. Click on the links, which lead you to the Harmony Parlor Blogspot.
September 15, 2020. NOS, NPO1, Dutch TV broadcast: “Avondetappe” about the Tour de France. Guest: André Rieu. Click on the picture to watch the video.
October 1st 2020. Happy 71st birthday dear Maestro! Have a nice day together with your small family, at home. This time we baked a nice cake for you!! We hope you may celebrate a more festive birthday next year, with your small and big family! Stay healthy. We hope to meet you again in 2021.
October 16, 2020. TV presentation of André Rieu on the Vrijthof (compilation). by NPO1, AvroTros (Dutch TV). Duration of the video: 1,5 hours. Click on the picture.
October 17, 2020. On German TV, MDR: MDR André Rieu GALA. We think it is the German cinema version. German spoken, German guest stars, no English subtitles. Duration: 2,5 hours. Click on the picture.
October 16, 2020. Interview with André in Dutch TV program “De Vooravond” (The Early Evening) Click on the picture.
October 27, 2020. Julia and Kathy got married. In 2017 a UK fan and a New Zealand fan met at an André concert in Sacramento, USA. Three years later they got married and live together in New Zealand. Congratulations Julia and Kathy, we wish you a very happy future. To read this very special love story and André’s personal message, click on the picture.
November 12, 2020. Interview with André Rieu by SBS6, Shownews, Dutch TV. Click on the picture to watch the video.
November 17, 2020. Big interview by Ivo Niehe on Dutch TV, about André’s younger years. From the cradle to his break though (in 1994): TV Show, AvroTros. NPO 1. Click on the picture to watch the video.
November 29, 2020. Surprise for the fans! Check out André’s official website on December 1st 2020, from 3 PM Central European Time. Click on the picture.
December 5, 2020. André’s metal Christmas tree has been erected in Maastricht. 98 feet high, with 1400 lights. Click on the picture to the left.
December 16, 2020. Dutch TV program: “The Museum of the Netherlands” Omroep MAX, NPO 1. Ruud and Ineke brought in cardboard André Rieu, but he was not accepted for the exhibition in the museum. Click on the picture to watch the recordings.
December 23, 2020. In spite of the poor corona-virus year, we wish the Rieu family and all the fans a Merry Christmas and a much better year in 2021. Let’s hope André can play again and we’ll travel to the Center of the Universe again in 2021! Love and hugs from Ruud and Ineke (locked down in Holland).
December 20, 2020. A live stream performance of André Rieu and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra. For the first time after the corona lock down, playing together. Click on the picture.
December 21, 2020. L1, Radio interview about faith and the celebration of Christmas. Click on the picture to hear the radio interview.
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