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In the past years many pictures have been taken by us and by all the fans. Quite a lot of them have been grouped into Photo Shows, by Ineke. She has always asked permission to post fan photos. In Part 1 we have posted 1. NINE FAN Photo Shows dedicated to fans from all over the world. 2. NINE FAN Photo Shows with hardly any overlap in people... showing our friends, our fun, Maastricht events, concerts, meetings in many continents. In Part 2 you will find: 1. André's "Funny Faces" Photo Show, a compilation. 2. A Photo Show about all the members who have ever played in the Johann Strauss Orchestra (current and previous members) since 1987, updated to 2019. 3. A Photo Show called: The making of....... FAN STUFF. This show is dedicated to fans who prepare (free) fan gatherings. In Part 3 you may watch: 1. Memories of the Maastricht 2011 concert 2. 8th get together of Brazilian fans in Curitiba, Brazil. 3. Fan gathering September 2010 in Joinville, Brazil. 4. Photo show by Alice Leung and Simon Lee, 2009. In Part 4 you will find photo shows of the Maastricht concerts 2012. 1. Fan Photo Show Maastricht 2012 2. André’s magical light show in the concerts of 2012 3. Day trip to Hoorn (Red Rose Café) with fans: 2012 4. Adele’s fan photo show Maastricht 2012. In Part 5 you may watch: 1. Alice's impression of the Vancouver concert in the Rogers Arena, 2. Three New Zealand photo shows by Jennifer Harrison, the leading lady of the New Zealand friendship group. 3. Three fan- and concert photo shows of the Maastricht 2013 concerts and fan events, created by Ineke and Adele Geritzen. 4. Kay and Sue's atmospheric photo show of the Vrijthof Square in Maastricht. 5. A very special web cam registration. In part 6 you will see (and hear!) 1. Que sera sera, a photo show about André’s career and life, from Brazil, created by Marcia Pataracchi, a member of the Brazilian André Rieu fan group “Amigos de André Rieu”, in April 2014. This is the English version. 2. Fan photo show by Jennifer Harrison, on the occasion of the second birthday of the New Zealand fan group. 3. A new fan photo show of the Australian/New Zealand tour Oct.2013 by Jennifer Harrison. 4. A waltz composed by the South African fan Jaydene du Preez. 5. The New Zealand fan group celebrates André's 64th birthday. (2013). In part 7 you may watch: 1. Christmas gathering, December 2014 in New Zealand. 2. Canadian TV Interview with our dear fan friend Al Girard. November 2014. 3. Magical Maastricht: a beautiful photo show about the experiences of 5 Kiwis in Maastricht July 2014, put together by Jennifer Harrison from New Zealand. In part 8 we added: 1. The Fan’s fashion show: a special way to dress for the Maastricht fan events. Photo show created by Ineke. Photos from our archive from between 2005 and 2014. 2. The Maastricht 2015 fan photo show, created by Ineke. 3. Al Girard’s time-lapse video of the Market Square in Maastricht, when fans arrive for the concert! 4. Celebrating Christmas 2015 with the New Zealand Friendship Group, by Jennifer Harrison. 5. Christmas Celebration 2015 with the Fan Group from Peru, led by Anthony Chavez Mancisidor. In part 9 you may watch: 1. A tribute to André Rieu, sang by the former British singer, actress, TV/radio presenter Valerie Masters. 2. Fan photo show created by Adele Geritzen of the Cologne concert. Febr. 26, 2016. 3. Fans Gathering March 2016 in New Zealand, created by Jennifer Harrison. 4. Photo show about Marc Rieu and his paintings, created by Lorelei Hunt, click HERE. 5. Fourth birthday of the New Zealand Friendship group, April 2016, Jennifer Harrison. In part 10 you will find: 1. A monthly pictural history of the New Zealand gatherings for the year 2016, created by Jennifer Harrison. 2. A lovely photo show about the Maastricht 2016 rehearsal and concert. July 2016. by Adele Geritzen. 3. An impression of three weeks Maastricht in July 2017, created by Jennifer Harrison. 4. A video of a combined André Rieu fan gathering and Christmas party in December 2017, in New Zealand. Created by Jennifer Harrison. 5. A Feather Boa Garden party of the New Zealand friendship group, in February 2018. Created by Jennifer Harrison.
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