Lift-Off Percussion and Entertainment December 29th 2012.
"THE NEW GENERATION" Is the title of the latest show by Lift-Off percussion and entertainment. Performed in the Heerlen Parkstad Limburg Theater and broadcast on New Year's Eve on Limburg television L1. February 2013: DVDs of the show are available and can be ordered with the L1 shop. Click here to go to the L1 Shop (At first the Payment system was only for Dutch banks…, but now there is an instruction how to order from banks abroad also).
It is possible to order the Lift-Off DVD from outside the Netherlands. Follow the instructions and you will receive the DVD after February 2013. Ordering from and delivery to outside the Netherlands can be done in the following manner: Step 1: Pay your total amount from your bank to the L1 Shop. Cost for a single DVD is € 11.95 plus € 3,95 shipping costs extra. 1 DVD will total € 15,90 and 2 DVDs will cost € 27,85. IBAN: NL 63 SNSB 0932 9709 23 BIC: SNSBNL2A Account: L1 Shop. Please provide: Your name, address, city and country and quantity of products ordered. Step 2: Send an email message to the L1 Shop on with the following information: Name, address, postal code, city and country, quantity of products ordered and the bank account from which you paid for this order. Step 3: After having received your payment, the L1 Shop will have your order delivered to your home address.
Attention to the fans who will attend the fan dinner in Maastricht on Friday July 5th 2013: If you let us know that you are interested to buy a Lift-Off DVD, Marcel Falize offered the possibility to provide us with the pre-ordered amount of DVDs on the fan dinner ship. You can buy your DVD there (€ 12,–). Please mail us if you are interested, so we can hand out DVDs to all interested fans. We will ask you a favor: please bring the exact money to the fan dinner, this will save us time and the effort to change money. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Below we show you three pieces from the DVD. Marcel announced a journey through several music styles. Our selection: 1. Sanne Mestrom singing Madonna's hit "Like a virgin". 2. "Happy accordion", Ineke's choice because she loves country and western music. 3. The final song: "Wear my hat" by Colin Falize. Enjoy!
Below two videos (55 minutes in total) with an impression of the program.
A proud father Marcel Falize and his sons Glenn, Dean and Colin.
Music with plastic tubes, on pots and kitchen equipment, Lin playing a tango, Marcel playing the trombone and Glenn in the drum circle.
Who were in the audience? Suzy with friends, Ruud, Ineke and Ingrid from Holland, Gemma and Nand from Belgium, Doro from Germany, Linda, Richard and Steve from the UK. We also spotted a few JSO colleagues.
Franco Vulcano and Ward Vlasveld in the Blues Band during the after party. Ruud Merx on the trombone. L1 recorded the show to broadcast it as a Sylvester (New Year's Eve) concert. A crew of at least 25 persons had offered us a wonderful show!
And the fans had a wonderful day / weekend in Heerlen.
More about Lift-Off 2013, click HERE.
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