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Efteling News Pierre is a member of the Efteling’s foundation board.
July 26, 2022. From the Efteling news: Son of André Rieu part of the Efteling’s foundation board. Pierre Rieu (41), the son of the world-famous Maastricht violinist and orchestra leader André Rieu (72), is now part of the Efteling's foundation board. This is evident from the most recent annual report of the Efteling, which was recently published. It concerns the board of “Stichting Natuurpark de Efteling”, the sole shareholder and thus owner of the Efteling. Among other things, the foundation thinks about the long-term vision of the board of directors. It also acts as a capital provider. Pierre Rieu is known as his father's commercial right-hand man: he is the business director of André Rieu Productions. The entrepreneur was elected as a board member by the rest of the board at the beginning of 2021, an Efteling spokeswoman reported to Looopings. The amusement park itself has so far not disclosed this. Cultural heritage Rieu was mainly brought in "because of his affinity with art, culture and entrepreneurship" , explains the spokeswoman. "He will deal with, among other things, our cultural heritage and fairy tales as part of the Dutch cultural heritage." The Rieu family has had good ties with the Efteling for some time. In May 2007, André Rieu gave a big concert in the amusement park, which was led by son Pierre: 'André Rieu in Wonderland'. A flowerbed on the square in front of the Efteling Theater was removed especially for the concert registration. Until now the flowerbed has not returned. All You Need Is Love At the May 2007 concert (and recordings for the DVD “André in Wonderland”) Pierre Rieu met a communications officer from the Efteling, whom he married two years later. In May 2020, André Rieu returned to the fairytale park. Then the violinist recorded a clip for the RTL 4 program 'All You Need Is Love', (during corona time at distance and without the brass section) on the square in front of “Symbolica”. The Efteling Nature Park Foundation mainly operates in the background. The chairman is Gerd Leers, former mayor of Maastricht and former minister for Immigration, Integration and Asylum. The rest of the board currently consists of Hans Janssen, Femke Weijtens, and treasurer Anita Schavemaker.
When you like to watch our report of the “All you need is love” broadcast on Dutch TV, in 2020, Click HERE. Thanks to Diana D Le for the article, included translation.
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