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Dutch TV September 2019, Vienna.
Video RTL Boulevard, September 24, 2019.
Video SBS 6, Shownieuws, September 24, 2019. With Celine Huijsmans.
André was in Vienna for promotional recordings (the deLuxe bonus DVD?) for his new album “Happy Days” in Vienna. Left: photo from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Translation and subtitles in English: Ineke, John, Ruud.
Translation: “I am here in Vienna. I am standing in front of the Opera. Today I heard that the King and Queen will visit Maastricht on King’s Day. Fantastic!! My day cannot go wrong any more!!”
The article from the Limburger paper about this video is as follows: André Rieu has enthusiastically responded to the news that King's Day 2020 is taking place in Maastricht. Rieu recorded a video message in front of the Viennese Opera House and posted it on Twitter. There, shortly before, he heard the news that the Royal Family is celebrating King's Day in Maastricht on 27 April 2020. "Fantastic, my day can't go wrong any more," responds the world-famous violinist from Maastricht.
The Dutch Royal Family “van Oranje Nassau” (their family name) off duty. It’s a tradition that King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their three daughters Amalia (15), Alexia (14) and Ariane (12), visit a Dutch city every year on the King’s birthday, April 27. It is also a tradition that the Dutch people wear an orange outfit that day. André loves our royal family and performed “the King’s Ball” at the big inauguration feast in April 2013, when Queen Beatrix, after having been Head of State for 33 years, abdicated in favor of her son. Find the stories on this website under “previous items, April 2013”, or Click HERE.
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