Rieu entertainment group (page 1) “Gouwe Ouwen op Volle Toeren” (Golden Oldies at full speed)
April 8, 2016. Neighbors of the senior apartment “Muttersborgh” in The Hague, Holland, tour care centers with a mime Johann Strauss Orchestra.
And they were at the local Radio and TV station WEST (In the province of South-Holland). Below two video recordings on April 8, 2016. First a radio interview (with webcam) in the morning and second the TV program “TROTS” (Pride) in the evening. If you attend the Vrijthof concert in Maastricht on Saturday July 16, you might spot Emmy and Joke with Ineke and Ruud in the audience.
After having watched the TV broadcasts together in the hallway of the apartment, there was a reception and of course a party with a short performance for the people of the housing association and invited guests (like us: we felt honored!)
Below the TV West program “TROTS” (Pride) as broadcast on April 8, 2016. You might spot Ineke in the audience, recording her own video clip!
March 2016: Another performance of the Dutch mime group: “Gouwe Ouwen op Volle Toeren” (Golden Oldies at Full Speed), recorded by the local TV Channel “TV West”. On March 14th 2016 this group performed in the Residential Care Center Loosduinen. Loosduinen was in early days an independent village, but nowadays it is a quarter of the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands. The camera crew pretended to visit the care center on the occasion of “The Week of Care”. In reality they were there for the program “Trots” (Pride) to honor the leader of the group: Joke Breedijk (who plays André Rieu). Joke had no clue that they came for her. The group had nominated her because they wanted to prove how very proud they are of their creative leader, who not only considers the acts, but also sews the dresses, included the tuxedos for the men! She has a great imagination and even manufactures the instruments by herself. Trumpets are gold painted sink plungers, clarinets have old showerheads, the bagpipe is a pillow with a Scottish table cloth, the piano is an ironing board. There are plans to copy Frank Steijns’ carillon with upside down flower pots! The entertainment group does not only mime André and the JSO, but also other well known Dutch and international artists with songs which all elderly can sing along with. With their two hour long performance they provide the people from the care centers a pleasant afternoon. The video below was filmed by Ineke. Thanks again to John for his assistance with the English subtitles. And let’s wait and see what the TV will broadcast soon! We’ll add it to this page!
We were amazed to hear that Joke had never attended a live concert by André and the JSO. So Ruud and Ineke arranged tickets and hotel accommodation for Joke and Emmy, who will join us now at the Saturday July 16 Maastricht concert! We look forward to that!
December 19, 2015. What is this?? The Rieu entertainment group “Gouwe Ouwen” (Golden Oldies) performing for the elderly! This happened around the corner of our house in The Hague, the Netherlands. Click on the video clip below. Just for fun!
Recently we attended the “End of the Year” party in a retirement home in our neighborhood. To our surprise André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra performed to entertain the people. We have to admit: it was a little bit chaotic and noisy, since traditional snacks and hot chocolate were being served, but the atmosphere was very cheerful. Performers as well as the residents had lots of fun. The program was adapted in line of the Christmas days. Fake André told me that the group had received real André’s permission and that they always have lots of fun. They created their costumes and attributes themselves. The average age of the “on stage” performers is 78, the oldest participant is 93. So seniors performing for seniors. Did you notice the special piano??? So funny!!
We like to show you another (part of the) performance from April 3rd 2017 at Care Center “Houthaghe,” which is located across the road of their senior apartment complex. Kind of a jubilee! They performed here for the 5th time in a row. This time they presented a few new guests, who were Dutch celebrities in the 1950’s and that is why all the seniors know the songs and like to sing along. Sorry, the sound equipment of the care centers does not have the highest quality, but the fun remains.
And the brightest stars of all: Joke Breedijk (André) who, amongst others, thought of the idea, created the outfits, the instruments and makes the agreements. She also maintains the calendar, is the administrator, organizes the rehearsals and transportation of people and instruments, and even does the laundry besides everything else. And Emmy, a friend, PR assistant, fake violinist and coffee song performer.
Joke proudly tells the audience: “André Rieu knows about us”. The buttons for the entire orchestra are created and produced by Ruth Morgan, USA. Inscription on the button: “We love André Rieu”.
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