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Bronze Plaque on the Vrijthof October 25, 2019.
On October 25th 2019, the bronze plaque was placed into the pavement of the Vrijthof Square, by Mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake and André Rieu in person. André received the (cardboard) token of recognition during his 100th concert on the Vrijthof square in July 2019, by the Mayor, click HERE. Below a video report by the Limburg TV Channel L1. Translation and subtitles: Ineke/John and Ruud.
The placing of the bronze monument in the Vrijthof cobblestones, had the attention of the Limburg press. Click HERE to go to an article on the Harmony Parlor web site. The bronze monument is located near the “Old Dutch” Café, Vrijthof 10, on the place where André enters the Vrijthof square for his concerts each year.
photo credits: Han Scheuerman
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