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In Memoriam (10) 2024
Kevin Johnson (UK): It is with great sadness I announce the passing of our dear friend Margaret Butler. Margaret and husband Raymond, were good friends of Mum and Dad through the Birmingham Air Raids group. When Dad passed Margaret and Ray asked Mum if she would help them fulfil a dream and take them to Maastricht to see André live on the Vrijthof. In 2017 they travelled to Maastricht with us, Johnsons, and attended the fan dinner and a concert with us. They were welcomed by many people and said it was an experience they “Will Never Forget”. Margaret sadly was the victim of Alzheimer’s/ Dementia and passed peacefully on the 8th of February. Our love goes to all the family at this sad time.
February 8, 2024. In Memoriam: Margaret Butler, UK (86)
Edwina Morgan (Australia): We were very sad to see the news on the passing of a great André Rieu fan: Pat Both!! Pat came from a small town on the coast of South Australia called Port Elliot. Every time Andre toured Australia, Pat would be at his Adelaide & Melbourne concerts. Pat was a real fan and one wall in her house had his photos placed perfectly as you walked through the front door, there he was. Pat was a lovely lady and loved meeting up with other fans. Condolences go to her son Blair, family & friends! She will be missed by all who knew her!
February 8, 2024 In Memoriam: Path Both, Australia,
Tribute by Adele Geritzen. Sue Casi R.I.P. Dear Sue, I will miss you loads. I am still gutted at the news. You were too young to leave us, and with little warning. I knew that you were not feeling too good lately, I did not realize that things were so bad. We had plans to meet up in Maastricht, (where we met so many times) to have a dinner together on the square, listening to the music of André Rieu, dancing, having fun and a lot of laughs for sure. I will miss your bright smile and cute sense of humour, the video clips you used to send me of your trips together all over the world, with your Knight in Shining Armour, your Rock, your husband of 34 years, your Casi. You have left him for a better place, no more suffering. One day we will all join you and laugh again. Dear Casi, my heart goes out to you. I am sad beyond words. I wish you a lot of strength and courage and I will be thinking of you both on Wednesday April 25, when you say your goodbye to your sweet and unforgettable wife.
April 9, 2024 In Memoriam: Sue Casimir - Rank, UK (79)
photo: Linda and Terry Kirkman from the UK, Sue & Casi, Maurice and Adele, in 2022.
May 20, 2024 In Memoriam: the Danish chihuahua Miki (9) Many fans know the Danish couple Birte and Ejner Øbo, who joined the fans picnic in Maastricht almost every year, with their little chihuahua Miki. Over the years the dog has worn three different "jackets", stating that he is an André fan. Birte recently announced on Facebook that Miki passed away during the Pentecost weekend of May 20, 2024, while they were at the campsite. The dog meant a lot to Birte and Ejner, but also to the André fans who attended the fans' picnics. We wish Birte and Ejner a lot of strength with their loss. We will see them again in Maastricht, at the 1st fans picnic, but unfortunately without their beloved Miki.
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