Maastricht 2016 Fan Dinner
The association “Gastvrij Maastricht” organized a waltz event for Friday July 8. Come to the old Servaas bridge, at 2.30 PM. Eight professional ballroom dancers will teach you how to waltz. If you registered for the fan dinner, please, don’t forget to be at the fan dinner ship no later than 4.30!! The dancing lessons will be finished by 6.30 PM.
2016 Fan Dinner on Friday July 8th. Traditionally the 2016 Fan Dinner was held on the Friday of the first Maastricht weekend concerts as announced by Andre Rieu. This year: 143 fans of 15 nationalities. The afternoon before the Fan Dinner there was a special event on the St. Servaas Bridge. Dancing lessons, organized by the association “Gastvrij Maastricht” from 2.30 - 18.30 PM. Eight professional ballroom dancers were there to teach you how to waltz on a 70 meter long red carpet, spread out all over the bridge. Ineke liked to join the waltz, but then the Sirtaki was announced! She noticed that the professional dancers were not known with the Sirtaki and turned to different directions, which was confusing!
It was a tremendous honor to have Carmen Monarcha, soprano, and Gary Bennett, tenor, visiting the fan dinner ship, with André’s camera crew. Recordings were being made for the new British road soap, to be broadcast in the future on SKY TV, which is a British “pay for view” channel.
Unfortunately half of the 143 attendants of the fan dinner were hidden behind the photographer’s screen at the right side of this photo. It is very hard to get such a big group all together in one picture. Thanks to Al Girard, who took the photo.
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