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Two André’s: best friends. July 2021.
July 4, 2021. Taken from an interview with André van Duin, on Dutch TV. Music. During the interview with Simone Kleinsma on Dutch TV on July 4, 2021, André van Duin talks about the meaning of Rieu’s music during a difficult period in his life. After the death of Martin, his partner, in 2020, he acquired a lot of support from music. But: he doesn't have one specific comfort song. He says: “It is mainly instrumental music which I like and not so much with lyrics. It may sound crazy, but I think André Rieu's music is a good example. I really love it. I, along with Martin, have visited him many times, so when you go back there again, you think back to that,…. yes…." André van Duin and André Rieu. The friendship between the two men goes back a long way. After the well-known commercial with the steamroller and the can of beer in 1995, I paid a visit to André Rieu at home, in my character as Gerard van Bezij. (To watch the visit, click ). Then I visited André and his orchestra in 2009 in my guise as Mr Wijdbeens. (click ). A few collaborations resulted from this and I even performed with André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra here on the Vrijthof concerts of 2013 as myself with the song "Het Dorp" (The village). Click: “We immediately clicked”, says Van Duin. Rieu added: “Of course there is a lot of distance between our places of residence, and I am usually away a lot. But we always keep in touch. I also sympathized with André during the illness and passing of Martin (2019-2020). Yes, I did make myself available then.” Another nice TV program with the two André’s: The Dutch Bake Off. Click: .
2013 Vrijthof concert.
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