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January 5, 2019. To start the new year André Rieu and the Johannn Strauss Orchestra performed two New Year’s Concerts One in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and one in Antwerp (Belgium). Ruud and Ineke attended the Amsterdam concert. Click on the picture to read a review.
The Harmony Parlor on Facebook passed the milestone of 10.000 members in December 2018 and 11.000 in January 2019. That is amazing! The Harmony Parlor is an English speaking André Rieu fan group on Facebook, founded by Sue Berry and John de Jong (USA) in 2010. Click on the picture to go to the HP on Facebook.
Lancashire Post, January 11, 2019. By Clare Kelly. Is André Rieu's orchestra key to a more peaceful world?? Very regrettably, 2019 seems to be starting off with so many disputes, wars, disagreements, famine, divisions and anger which politicians and others appear incapable of solving. One has only to look at Republicans versus Democrats in the US, the EU verses the UK, Russia versus Ukraine, Saudi Arabia versus Yemen, unions versus the private rail companies and many, many more. But there is a way tensions might be calmed. The amazing Dutch violinist and conductor of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, Andre Rieu, has, for 31 years, led his wonderful band all over the world. His orchestra contains folk from 13 different countries. There is never a row, no in-fighting, all successfully based on fun. Wherever his orchestra plays, everyone is full of happiness, goodwill, caring and love of their fellow man. After two or more hours of playing, there is hardly a dry eye in the audience.
Golden Oldie from 2005: Talkshow by Catherine Keyl, for Dutch broadcast MAX. André’s class mate Camille Oostwegel speaks about their school time. Click on the picture to watch the video, with English subtitles.
February 13, 2019. For the 4th time André performed prior to the Champions League Ajax’s home game: Ajax- Real Madrid, in the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam. Click on the picture to watch the video.
On February 8, 2019 MATEO was born. He is the son of Laura Engel and Pascal Mestrom. Welcome to the world Mateo, we wish the parents lots of happiness. Click on the baby picture.
February 2019. Seven Lisbon concerts in March and three in November 2019. André started the rehearsals in his studio. Listen to a nice Portuguese folk song. Click on the picture.
March 2019. Ruud and Ineke attended one of the Lisbon concerts. Click on the picture to read their report.
April 10, 2019. Lorelei and Kavan Hunt traveled from the UK to Romania to attend one of the concerts in Cluj-Napoca. Click on the picture to read Lorelei’s report. It was the first time that she attended and André concert in her homeland Romania.
March 24, 2019. Sister Leona 105 years old. Dutch TV “Kruispunt”, Interview with Sister Leona. Click on the picture to watch the interview.
May 2019. The Dutch TV station AvroTros published several short videoclips. Click on the picture.
June 2, 2019. Hilarious Snow Waltz in Lodz, Poland. Report and photos/video by Julia McCarthy-Fox and Kathy Prater. Click on the picture.
June 6, 2019. First time a concert in Skopje, North Macedonia. In April 2019 André was interviewed by journalist Branka Kostic-Markovic from “ Astrorum”, who visited him at his castle in Maastricht. Click on the picture.
André Rieu on Facebook, June 2019. Hello my dear fans, I am very excited to announce the pre-order of my brand new DVD of our wonderful New Year’s Concert from Sydney 2018 which will be released on 1st November 2019! Hopefully you feel the same joy watching it as we felt performing this festive concert at the iconic Townhall. Now all of you can also be part of it and share the magic of Christmas and New Year’s Day with us. Love, André
June 9, 2019. Surprise!!! Tickets go on sale today!! Extra concert “Almeh Luz” in Maastricht by Carla Maffioletti and Jutta Maria Böhnert. on Sunday July 7, at 2 PM. An afternoon filled with delightful voices in the luxurous Mestrom Chandeliers Gallery, St. Annalaan 42, Maastricht. € 35.00 per ticket, including a welcoming drink. Limited seats available, so book your ticket soon at After having received your booking, Laura Engel and Pascal (her husband) will give you more details about how to pay.
June 15, 2019. Dutch TV Program by NTR, NPO 2, titled “The Potato eaters”. It is about food. In this edition: the connection between a Wiener Schnitzel, the Austrian field marshal Radetzky, and André Rieu. Reporter Joris Vermeer visits André in his castle in Maastricht. Click on the picture.
June 15, 2019. Dutch TV program: “Hart van Nederland” (Heart of the Netherlands) broadcast a video clip: André Rieu comes to the rescue for robbed brass band. Click on the picture.
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