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August 2nd 2017: Interview with Mirusia Louwerse “Sharing a life in music from the heart”, by Carolyn McDowall, for: “The culture concept circle”. Click HERE.
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August 5th 2017: Gender Reveal Cake. Which color is inside the cake? Pink!! It’s a girl!! Congratulations Mirusia and Youri. Your little baby daughter will come to the world in early December 2017.
Facebook August 12, 2017: Youri and I are on a Babymoon in Singapore and we love it here! We ate at a wonderful restaurant in our favourite area of Bugis. I had a fantastic mango drink, and coincidentally our baby is currently as big as a large mango! I am now 23 weeks pregnant, over half way! So many cultures come together in this city and there is such a feeling of serenity. Have you been to Singapore before? Youri ate balloon bread with yoghurt dip.
We never heard of a “Babymoon”. So we consulted Wikipedia: “A babymoon is a relaxing vacation taken by couples who are expecting a child. Babymoons are often taken in luxurious locations, as the babymoon is seen as the last vacation that the couple will have alone until their child leaves home when they reach legal age. Babymoon travel is typically taken during the second trimester of pregnancy, when pre-natal complications and pre-term birth risk is at its lowest”. Enjoy your vacation Mirusia and Youri! We love your Facebook messages and photos! It gives us the feeling to become all aunts and uncles of your baby!
Two pregnant sopranos! It's so lovely that one of my best friends in the world is pregnant at the same time as me. Big congratulations to my sister-in-song, Carmen Monarcha. I can't wait to share baby memories together.
Facebook: August 25, 2017. Four concerts in Santiago de Chile.
I am now officially 6 months pregnant and therefore, my baby bump is starting to show. So a new "maternity dress" for stage was made by the amazing Gosia Tarnowski! What do you think?
November 15th 2017: Weekend Magazine. A Dream Pregnancy. Mirusia Louwerse feels great. The Australian singer who became famous when she began touring with André Rieu and his orchestra, is pregnant with a daughter. “The due date is set to 7 December and everything is going very well. My bump is growing and I have had a dream pregnancy. The first few weeks after finding out, I was worried I might get morning sickness, but I never did!” When Mirusia found out she was pregnant she found herself in a rollercoaster of emotions. In the same period her Grandmother, with whom she was very close, passed away. “Youri and I are expecting a little girl and in that way it’s almost like the circle-of-life. Did you know that our daughter is “Made in Holland”? Haha. We found out during my ‘From the Heart’ tour. We can’t wait till our daughter is born.” Says the excited singer.
Born on December 8, 2017. Welcome to the world: Sascha. Congratulations to her parents Youri and Mirusia.
May, 13, 2018. Mirusia’s first Mother’s Day. Here a picture of three generations, with Mirusia’s mother Henja and baby Sascha.
As from March 2018 Mirusia started touring again in Australia. Het special guest in this tour is Britain Got’s Talent winner Paul Potts.
May 31st 2018. Mirusia and her Musical Director Rob Mennen were the guests in L1’s TV program Avondgasten (Evening guests). Mirusia promotes her new tour, (titled “An enchanted evening with Mirusia”), through the Netherlands, in September and October 2018. She sings a song from the Disney film “Pocahontas”. Watch the video below. Translation/subtitles: Ineke, John, Ruud.
Mirusia’s new tour through Holland: “An enchanted evening with Mirusia”. 20 September 2018 VENRAY Schouwburg Venray 22 September 2018 EINDHOVEN Muziekgebouw Frits Philips 29 September 2018 WAALWIJK Theater De Leest 6 October 2018 BREDA Chassé theater 7 October 2018 HEERLEN Parkstad Limburg theater 12 October 2018 DELFZIJL De Molenberg 13 October 2018 OSS Theater de Lievekamp 19 October 2018 UDEN Theater Markant 20 October 2018 ROOSENDAAL Schouwburg De Kring 24 October 2018 VELDHOVEN Theater De Schalm 26 October 2018 PURMEREND Theater De Purmaryn 27 October 2018 VEENENDAAL Theater de Lampegiet 28 October 2018 GOUDA De Goudse Schouwburg Click HERE for more information and tickets.
September - October 2018: Mirusia tours the Nethertlands with her orchestra, led by Rob Mennen, musical director. Clockwise from Mirusia: Rob Mennen, vocalist Imke Heitzer, guitarist Martijn Buijnsters, vocalist Lionel van Lawrence, percussionist Joeri Kalkhoven, on keys Harrie Herfst, violinist Giedrė Mundinaite-Leenhouwers & cellist Marije de Jong. Rob Mennen played “Gabriel’s oboe” on an instrument, named EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). It sounded wonderful!
Live soundcheck from Gouda on October 28th, 2018. The real concerts are stunning, but the soundchecks are also a treat!
Live soundcheck from Veenendaal. What a joyous happening!
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