The making of the bull Eric Jaspers
A summarized article From the Limburger: May 30th, 2024. by Ronald Colée. Photocredits: Viviane Bongers. Translation by Ineke/John. Eric Jaspers is an entertainer, performer and set builder in Maastricht. After the death of his employer, who had a lot of know-how in the theater world, Eric decided to take over and complete the unfinished jobs. “One of these was removing stage parts for André Rieu so that the legs and beams were not visible. One thing led to others. They were followed by orders for a carillon cover, balalaika cases, curtains for the Schloss Schönbrunn decor and balloon nets. And in the meantime I already made three bull costumes.” The last bull costume took him a month. “The most difficult part was that I didn't have the men who had to climb into that suit, at hand. So in reality I made a suit without trying it on beforehand. The bull had to look as real as possible. Be a funny living creature. With a tough head, broad shoulders and a firm rear-end. And in such a way that the men in that suit could also run through the audience with it. As extra features, the suit was also equipped with a machine which would make smoke come out of the nostrils and the animal's tongue was made in such a way that it could also be stuck out. Just like in the Efteling (Dutch amusement park) or Eurodisney. As real as possible.” Jaspers does not get the most satisfaction from the financial earnings, but when he sees that what he has come up with also works. “If I count all the hours I put into them... However, I am convinced that they will pay off in the long term. For example, you don't want to know how many needles bit the dust in the making of those balloon nets for Rieu, but when I hear from the guys who have to work with them how flawless those balloon drops went during the shows, it fills me with pride. Not only is it just about music, the eye also wants something”.
Traditional Giant Parade: 1 and 2 June 2024. Maastricht. The photo is from Frank Steijn’s instagram account. A Giant Parade is traditionally held in Maastricht every 5 years. Frank Steijns and the sopranos of the “VerrasSing” ensemble (Christina Petrou, Joline Soomers, Madieke Schoots) played a role. We now also know the man at the far left. It is Eric Jaspers, the bull costume maker! Here he is in the role of City Jester!
Giant Gigantius
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