The Meet and Greets, July 2019. An impression
First Meet and Greet by Anna Majchrzak and Agnes Fizzano-Walter. The first Meet and Greet at the shop “Jouw Marktkraam”, Jodenstraat 32, Maastricht, was held by Anna Majchrzak and Agnes Fizzano-Walter, on Saturday July 6th 2019. Anna sold and signed her new CD “Songs of Fantasy”, which she created together with organist Arjan Breukhoven. But you could also just talk to the ladies and have pictures taken. A great formula!
Anna is 7 months pregnant and she is expecting a girl. That’s why Ineke gave her a “cloudy” baby suit present for the expected “cloud of a baby”. That is a Dutch saying for a cute and healthy baby.
Second Meet and Greet by Donij van Doorn, Fabian Egli, and of course Agnes Fizzano-Walter. On Saturday July 13th, the second Meet and Greet took place at “Jouw Marktkraam”, Jodenstraat 32. Donij told about her plans to produce a CD and the fans could write their favorite arias and their e-mail address in a book, so she can keep the fans informed. She introduced a new member of the male choir: Fabian Egli. Fabian hails from Switzerland and he is a singer and an actor. He is Donij’s boy friend and they live together for 8 years.
Third Meet and Greet, called: “Bubbles, bling and a little bit of sing”. By Christina Petrou, Joline Soomers, Sanne Mestrom, Agnes Fizzano. On Saturday July 20, 2019, the third Meet and Greet took place at “Jouw Marktkraam”, Jodenstraat 32. We really enjoyed the lovely “presents” the soloists and orchestra members gave to the fans, all for free, included the “bubbles”!! It was wonderful, we did appreciate it very much. Also a big thank you to Mariella Beurskens and Gabo Brugmans from the shop “Jouw Marktkraam”. It makes our stay in Maastricht in between the concerts, so enjoyable!! We did not even notice there was a big downpour outside!!
June Shute, Elaine Carver
Lina Bajada
Olive Faes
Denis Kurris, Mariella Beurskens
Adele Geritzen
Anna, Rodica, Paul.
Marie-Jo Charton
John, Judith Fifield, Hanne Jäger
Margaret Crisp, Sanne.
Pamela Mary Skelton
Sally Hodges, Agnes
Andrea, Paul, Judith Cowley-Williams
Susie, Maggi Gray
Sanne, Joline, Gary
Ursula Aylward, Sanne
Joline, Ineke
Ineke, Christina
Bubbles, Mariella, Agnes.
Edwina Morgan, Agnes.
Ineke, Agnes
Rob, Anna, Kevin Johnson
June Shute, Elaine Carver
Anna, Al Girard
Fabian, Ineke, Donij
Fabian Egli
Jouw Marktkraam (shop)
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