1997/1998: Im Krapfenwald
Polka: Im Krapfenwald by Frédéric Jenniges. 1997/98. Very funny! Frédéric Jenniges performs the piece “Im Krapfenwald”, which is a polka, composed by Johann Strauss jr. It is shown on the VHS videotape from 1997 named: “The North America I love”, and on the DVD/VHS- Video from 1998: “Au Zenith de Paris”. Krapfenwald is the name of a forest in the neighborhood of Vienna.
1997. Ruth Morgan from the USA, was already a fan that long ago. In August 1997 André came to her Buffalo PBS Station where she and her husband Jim volunteered to take pledges. André played “Meditation” while he was standing right in front of her. The photo with André was taken that day. Of course Ruth was very excited to meet André in person. André was then 47 years of age. 2016: Ruth and Jim are still fans and they traveled already 13 times in a row to Maastricht to visit Dutch friends, attend the concerts and fan dinners/picnics.
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