SWR 4 German TV November 16th, 2016
Interview on German TV for SWR 4. Video Live stream. Presenter: Annette Krause. Translation: Kyle Craft/John. Landesschau: Baden- Württemberg.
Video Live stream. Translation by Kyle Craft: “Adieu, little captain of my heart”. That was a request by Marjorie. We got mail that André’s wife is also watching the live stream right now and she wrote: “Oh God, there is cake! Always between 3 and 4 PM, André eats cake”. That’s right. Did she reveal something? Are you angry about it or…? No, she may reveal it. “Adieu” is her favorite piece. She always cries when she hears “Adieu”. I am always happy when I play it. We play it at every concert during the encores, as the people wave their hands. But she always cries when she hears it. Do you think that she is sitting in the castle right now and crying? Maybe. She also eats cake right? André said: “She is crying because I am not at home”.
Showing his “nunnery” on his iPad.
Picture (left) from Twitter: November 15, 2016. “What do you think? It is going to be beautiful. Looking for nuns now”. We guess: The new order of Saint Andreas?
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