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Anthony Chavez Mancisidor, lives in Lima, Peru, discovered Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra in 2012. From then on he started collecting tour programs. He searched the Internet and was successful in finding very early tour programs! From Anthony’s collection: Read the very first tour program of the 1987/1988 tour “Wien bleibt Wien”. Wien bleibt Wien  (Vienna remains Vienna). Tour program from 1987/88. André Rieu and Johann Strauss Orchestra. (Translated by Ineke, edited by John, February 4th 2015). "Wien bleibt Wien" (Vienna remains Vienna) is the name of a famous song from the operetta "Das Dreimäderlhaus" (The house of three girls) composed by Franz Schubert, and that singing, swinging, joy bringing, uplifting Song from Vienna", could be the motto for this evening Because "Wien bleibt Wien" is nothing more than a program filled with cheerful and enchanting music from Vienna. Immersive waltzes by Johann Strauss, sparkling operetta melodies by Franz Lehar, a fiery Czardaz by Emmerich Kalman. In short: nothing but music which recalls the vibrant Vienna from the last century. Every day somewhere in or outside the city, in one of the wonderful halls or famous establishments, the city park, there was a concert conducted by the very beloved stand-alone violinist Johann Strauss. That this wonderful atmosphere of that spirited and lively Vienna can still be called upon in 1988, is proven by André Rieu, Patricia Cope, the London Strauss Dancers and the Johann Strauss Orchestra with their "Wien bleibt Wien" program. We won’t reveal the contents of the program, but you can be assured that the famous waltz like the Blue Danube and the Radetzky March will not be lacking. Stand-alone violinist André Rieu, who has taken the leadership as well as the presentation for this evening upon himself, will introduce the pieces to you in his own manner, the way we are used to from him. André Rieu André Rieu studied violin with Jo Juda and Herman Krebbers and later on with André Gertler at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels where he earned the "Premier Prix” (First Price) in 1977. He is a violinist with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra and a stand-alone violinist in the Maastricht Salon Orchestra with which he recorded many Long Play Records and which under his direction became well- known in the Netherlands and abroad (Japan, Canada). The LP "Serenata" with the beautiful song "Serenata with the nightingale" was crowned with gold. In addition to his love for the violin, André Rieu however posses yet another talent which cannot be denied: as the oldest son of conductor André Rieu senior, conducting is also in his blood. As a stand-alone violinist with the Johann Strauss Orchestra, he combines both talents excellently. And if one adds his endearing “real Viennese charm” to that which he exudes during the concerts, one could almost imagine Johann Strauss being there this evening in person in front of you. Patricia Cope Patricia Cope studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. After her education she sang in the most important concert halls and theaters in the United Kingdom. She regularly works for radio and television. Outside the UK she performed in several West European countries, the USA and Canada. The London Strauss Dancers The London Strauss Dancers are an enchanting group of young, classically educated British dancers, specially selected to bring the romantic atmosphere of the Viennese ballrooms to the theater stages. Under the direction of their choreographer Sally Gilpin, the group will perform polkas, mazurkas, gallops and of course the Viennese waltzes. All dances which conquered the world when the Strauss dynasty first introduced them to the world in the 19th century. The festive costumes are designed by Chris Cowell, and especially designed for this European Tour. Obviously close in design to the Viennese tradition, but in a way so that the whirling choreography will not be hampered. The London Strauss dancers are very much looking forward to their first introduction to the European audiences. Dancers: Kerry Cavalli, Caroline Jenkins, Susanne Michelle, Jenny Orsman, Mike Criddle, Duncan Glasse, Terence Hopkins, Simon Turner. Sally Gilpin Sally Gilpin was a member of the London Festival Ballet for five years and then started her career as a choreographer. Johann Strauss Orchestra The Johann Strauss Orchestra, which recently debuted with Marjon Lambriks (Dutch opera/operetta singer), and was enthusiastically received by the press, consists of young talented musicians, who greatly dedicate themselves to the music of this Viennese composer. Just like Johann Strauss' orchestra did in the 19th century in Vienna, this, in all aspect young ensemble, led by André Rieu, pursues a perfect representation of this impassioned Viennese music. Not only is perfection their goal, strikingly is the joy with which they play, under the inspiring leadership of their stand-alone violinist, a great variety of waltzes, polkas, gallops and marches. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Johann Strauss Orchestra is composed of several nationalities. Besides the Netherlands, also Belgium, Germany, Hungary, and even the USA are present. Actually: Vienna too, was and is a melting pot of many peoples and precisely that international element is one of the factors that determines the authentic Viennese atmosphere. Violin: Anne Buys, Györgyi Bacsy, Tiny Posch, Mia Beckers, Irene Ruys. Viola: Jordan Schwarz, Klaartje Polman. Cello: Andrea Ivanyos, Margriet van Lexmond. Double Base: Markus Weinhold. Flute: Teun Ramaekers. Trumpet: Maurice Dubislav. Percussion: Gian Prince. Piano: Jo Huijts. Zither: Frederic Jenniges. Note by Ineke (in 2015): We see in the list of musicians that Klaartje Polman (viola), Margriet van Lexmond (cello), Teun Ramaekers (flute), Jo Huijts (piano) and Frederic Jenniges (zither), were already members of the JSO in 1987.
Advert in the tour program: We would like to draw your attention to the following event, organized by André Rieu Production under the auspices of the Cultural Center Maastricht.                       "Carnival-Proms" With the Maastricht Salon Orchestra, under direction by André Rieu, on Ash Wednesday February 17th 1988, at 7.33 PM in the MECC, Maastricht. Traditionally André Rieu and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra perform a concert every year on Ash Wednesday in Maastricht. The atmosphere immediately makes you think of "The last night of the Proms". In one moment the thousand-strong audience is listening enthralled and dead-quiet to the beautiful cello-solo "Le Cygne" by C. Saint-Saëns, but then a little bit later to burst out singing loudly together a medley of well-known operetta melodies. Originally the concert was known as the "Hieringe Biete Concert", due to the necessity of eating sour herrings to fight the hangover from the past carnival days. The concert evolved as a popular concert of light classical music and a real happening, to which thousands of people for months eagerly look forward to. Ticket sale will start on January 1st 1988.
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