Brazilian Fans March 28th, 2015
In Curitiba, (Paraná State) Brazil, Rudolfo Schneider is responsible for two fan groups: 1) AMIGOS DE ANDRÉ RIEU & JSO – BRASIL (with 2,250 members) and 2) AMIGOS E ADMIRADORES DE CARMEN MONARCHA (with 2,130 members). Originally, the meeting that was to be held on March 28th 2015 in Curitiba would have been the 21st meeting of Amigos de André Rieu. However, as Carmen Monarcha confirmed her attendance, Rudolfo decided to combine both groups in one single event, so it also turned out to be the 1st meeting of Amigos e Admiradores de Carmen Monarcha. And it was a record attendance of 95 participants! See what a wonderful group this is!!
Jaya Tgal’s design “I can’t keep calm, I’m an André Rieu fan” is traveling the world!
Video below: Carmen Monarcha’s performance in Curitiba on March 28, 2015.
Also on March 28, 2015, another Brazilian fan group, led by Rolf Herbert Schulz, met in Penha, (Santa Catarina State). Here they celebrated the third anniversary of the group which was founded in March 2012.
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