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August 16th 2014.  Mirusia engaged. Today Mirusia announced her engagement to Youri. Mirusia allowed us an interview, exclusively for the Movies website and the Harmony Parlor. Ineke asked Mirusia a few questions which everyone would like to know, correct?
How long have you known Youri? I have known Youri for years since he works within the Andre Rieu organization, but it wasn’t until the King’s Coronation in Amsterdam when we saw one another again (after I had been living in Australia again for a year) that we really fell in love! We met in Mexico City and always had a good laugh with one another. He is such a funny guy and always knows how to make me laugh by doing something goofy. When did you feel that he would be the one for you? After the King’s Coronation we stayed in touch and then after the Vrijthof concerts last year we started dating officially.  Is it the Youri we all know by face? The man from André's security team? I hope you understand, but I cannot talk about that, nor mention his last name, because Youri's contract does not allow me to. How did Youri pop up the question? He organized an incredibly romantic dinner. Suddenly after the main course, Giedrė and Agnes walked in playing their violins (I had no idea what they were doing there and was completely stunned) to the tune that Youri always sings for me. I recognized it almost immediately and started laughing and crying at the same time. Then Marcel and Bob from the male choir walked in and started singing the lyrics that Youri had written for me. Then he got down on one knee and proposed to me and of course I said YES! He gave me a beautiful diamond ring. It was a very special moment shared with our close friends. Which nationality is Youri? Youri and I have exactly the same heritage: we are both 3/4 Dutch and 1/4 Polish. Except I was born in Australia and he was born in Holland! Are you going to live in Maastricht together? We are going to be moving to Maastricht together in September and we are very much looking forward to that.  CONGRATULATIONS MIRUSIA AND YOURI. WE WISH YOU BOTH ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD. Thank you Mirusia for the interview! We love you. Ruud and Ineke.
August 12, 2014. New concert tour “My favorite things”. TV Limburg interviews Mirusia about her new solo tour of twelve concerts through the Netherlands, starting at September 27 in Maastricht, in the Theater of the Vrijthof. Watch the video below. Translation by Ineke, edited by John.
April 2014: Mirusia announces new solo tour through the Netherlands in September / October 2014. Title: My Favorite Things. The premiere will be performed in the Theatre on the Vrijthof in Maastricht on September 27, 2014, followed by the cities of Apeldoorn, Doetinchem, Middelburg, Haarlem, Vlaardingen, Delft, Nieuwegein, Zaandam, Veldhoven and Venlo. Check dates on Mirusia’s website www.mirusia.net   Tickets are on sale now. If you like to order Mirusia’s DVD/CDs: Click HERE. World wide shipping.
On Friday 9th of May 2014 Mirusia will perform a concert in Brisbane, Australia, for Mother’s Day.
TVL In Concert with Mirusia. On February 15th 2014 TV Limburg broadcast a mini concert with Mirusia.
February 2nd 2014: Mini concert in Theatre “De Voorste Venne” in Drunen, the province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands: 344 seats, 650 admirers! So Mirusia performed her mini concert twice. Translations: Ineke/John.
Mirusia with her Dutch family: her cousin, her 90-year old grandmother and her aunt.
Mirusia and a few of her fans: Ben Koot, Ruud and Ineke, Johann Klima, Sonja Harper. Sonja was in the Netherlands to visit her mother in The Hague, and Johann and Ursula Klima drove 3.5 hours from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) to meet Mirusia. After the concert we visited the village where Ruud is named after (close to Drunen). In 1811 Napoleon commanded the Dutch people to register with a family name and for sure Ruud’s ancestors must have lived in the village of Elshout at that time!
The mini concert registration
Bert de Bel (from Music and Movies) introduced Mirusia and welcomed her on her second visit to Drunen. The first visit was in 2010 during the Dickens’ Festival around Christmas. Click HERE to watch this open air performance. The radio interview
Click HERE to read a report of Mirusia’s mini concert in the Harmony Parlor.
Photo by Ruud Elshout.
From Mirusia’s Facebook: Carla and I in action during the Olympic event of curling. Going for gold!
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