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Rehearsals 2022 Tuesday July 5th and Wednesday July 6th 2022.
Tuesday July 5th, 2022. The first of two rehearsal days. Rehearsal of “The Great European Men's Choir”. First time entering the square only, second time entering with torches. During rehearsals there is free access to the square. It is a big pleasure to watch the Maestro at work. Duration of the video: 12 minutes. Translation and subtitles: Ineke, John, Ruud.
Wednesday July 6, 2022. Day 2 of the rehearsals, the first sound check. André is really busy in this period, checking every detail of the sound and lighting. All soloists perform their piece (some partly). Regularly André stops the music to make corrections. This is also the first time the soloists perform together with the 150 man strong “The Great European Men’s Choir”, consisting of 80 members of the Maastrichter Staar with additional help from male choirs from Amsterdam, Aachen and Cologne (Germany) en Liège (Belgium). Goosebumps all over. Duration of the video: 60 minutes.
Rehearsals in André’s studio and with the torches on the square.
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