Liverpool concert December 15th, 2016
On December 15th Ruud and Ineke had a short holiday in England, to visit our dear friends Linda and Richard Oswick and to attend the Liverpool Christmas concert. We were in the mood for Christmas outfits. Of course it was a great concert as usual. We recorded a new song by Anna Majchrzak: On Your Own. Watch the video below.
We were so lucky to catch André’s flowers that night. Linda and Richard will cherish them. On our walk back to the hotel we saw another fan donating her three André balloons and a Christmas hat full of “snow” to Billy Fury’s sculpture. Of course Liverpool is Beatle’s city, so we visited the Beatle’s Museum and their sculpture.
Besides Mireille Brepols and the Falize four, there was one more percussionist in the orchestra: Jamie Vinders. Photo to the right: Anna Majchrzak.
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