Laat de Leeuw Late night “De Leeuw”, 1999, broadcast by Vara.
August 4, 2019. This is a golden oldie, found for us by Vicki Hogue from Australia. Thank you Vicki! The Dutch TV program “Laat de Leeuw” (Late night show “De Leeuw”) with André Rieu, was broadcast on Dutch TV exactly twenty years ago! André had just celebrated his 50th birthday. This year he will be celebrating his 70th birthday, and is looking good as ever! Paul de Leeuw (the Lion) is known as a special talk show host. Quite a character, one of a kind, somewhat of a loose canon, asked inappropriate questions, cheeky, and from the beginning of his career on Dutch TV, openly talked and joked about his sexual preference (gay). Not everyone was willing to appear on his talk show, because you never knew how it would end….
Duration of this video: 13 minutes. Translation Ineke, assisted by John. Subtitles: Ruud. And for the people who did not know yet: a “vlaai” is a Limburg fruit pastry.
This is a Limburg cherry vlaai.
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