Maastricht promotional videos June 2017
A few weeks prior to the 2017 Maastricht concerts, André uploaded a few promos on Facebook and his YouTube channel, to get the fans in the mood. On June 9th 2017 the first one appeared: Fun. (with Manoe Konings).
On June 16th 2017: The second one: Dresses
On June 23rd 2017: The third one: Atmosphere.
In between a two minute promotional video by Shownieuws, SBS 6, of June 14, 2017. Here you can see that the ”nunnery” in André’s backyard is finished now.
André Rieu, uninterrupted together for 30 years with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Shortly André Rieu will not only blow away Maastricht, but also the more than 60 local cinemas in the Netherlands. In honor of the 30th year anniversary celebration of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, his immensely popular Vrijthof concert will be shown on the big white screen. Our presenter Patrick visited the proud-as-a-peacock master-violinist.
On June 30th 2017: the fourth one: Waltz.
On July 4th 2017: the fifth one: Unexpected.
SBS6 Shownieuws, a peek behind the scenes of the Maastricht concerts
On July 10th 2017 the sixth one: Special Guests.
July 14th 2017: the seventh one: The Johann Strauss Orchestra
July 21st 2017: the eighth one: Rehearsal
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