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The creative way fans dress for the André Rieu fan events: 2005-2014. Photo show created by Ineke, May 2015. Music: Sound of Cymbals, Volga Song. On this page we’d like to show you the creative way fans dress for the Maastricht concerts and other fan events. For the fan dinner and picnics we request you wear a name tag with your name and country depicted, which will make it easier for your Face book friends to recognize you, and also lets them know where you reside. For several years now fans have become more and more creative and we’d like to present you here a photo show filled with funny fancy fan fashion. Most of the pictures we took ourselves but otherwise we thank the fans who allowed us to use their photos. Watch the fun we have!! Where do you think the fans come from? Note: Of course the beautiful Japanese traditional kimono does not belong to the fancy fan fashion, but we loved to show you this special dress custom.
DVD Roses from the south
Ineke created a fan photo show of the 2015 Maastricht concerts and fan events. We like to thank our friends who put so many nice photos at our disposal!
Fan picnic, July 11, 2015
Music with the photo show: 1. Gadfly, 2. My love song should be a waltz, 3. Serenata, 4. Romance in F., 5. Greensleeves.
Al Girard’s time-lapse video of the Market Square in Maastricht, recorded from his room in Hotel de la Bourse. Fans arrive for the concert!
The New Zealand Friendship Group celebrating Christmas 2015. Fan photo show created by Jennifer Harrison. In New Zealand it is summer at Christmas!
Febr. 2016. Anthony Chavez Mancisidor sent us a belated Christmas 2015 celebration With the Peruvian André Rieu fan group In Lima, Peru.
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