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April 2016. Carla Maffioletti announces a tour through the Netherlands. This is in a program booklet of the Theater Hotel in Almelo on Friday January 27th 2017.
Thais Pedroso in Brazil is the leading lady of the Carla Maffioletti Appreciation Society. Fans who like to follow Carla’s career with the Opera House in Lucerne, Please click HERE to go to the Carla Maffioletti fans group on Facebook.
Time to say goodbye. During the series of Maastricht concerts in July 2014 André announced that Carla would leave him and his orchestra to start a new career with the Opera House in Lucerne, Switzerland. She said goodbye with an aria from the opera Rigoletto: Caro Nome. Carla joined the Johann Strauss Orchestra as a soloist from 2004 - 2014. We wish Carla all the best in her personal life and career.
Photo above: photo shopped by Alice Leung (Canada) with her words on Facebook (we like to adjust): “Carla, you will always be our dearest doll. We wish you all the success and happiness. We will miss you but look forward to seeing you again”….
Yes!! This is THE photo of the year! Thank you Anitha Andersen from Denmark!
June 12th 2014. Blue Bird Serenata. Carla Maffioletti on Facebook: It was a magical evening! Thank you my dear Mandoline Ensemble The Strings, Manoe Konings, Ludo Mariën, Leoniek Hermans, Annemie Hermans, Jo Smeets for such an extraordinary performance, the great fun and emotion we've shared on stage! Thank you Openluchttheater Valkenburg, Jos Frusch and staff for such a warm welcome and care! Such an enthusiastic audience, thank you for your presence... Fantastic! We are forever grateful! See below an impression of Ruud and Ineke’s day in Valkenburg with more photos and videos of this wonderful performance.
On June 12th 2014 Ruud and I went to the Limburg town of Valkenburg to attend the Blue Bird Serenata concert by Carla Maffioletti. The open air grotto theater was like a fairy tale. We had never been there before. Even the weather was perfect.
Ruud and I booked a nice small hotel, Italian style, named “Montagna del Monde” in the center of Valkenburg. Clean affordable rooms, good coffee, nice food, a friendly Italian owner and staff. Here we met with Elke and Nino Freitag from Germany and Thomas Dormer from England. The open air theater was a 10 minute walk from our hotel. Of course we explored Valkenburg first. Every concert we attend is always a reunion with friends.
The venue was magical! We spent a pleasant summer evening under the trees in front of the beautifully spotlighted 100 year old grottos with wonderful music.
Manoe Konings was an enjoyable entertainer and presenter, and we loved the sound of the mandolins of “The Strings”.
During the break we were happy to meet with Kerstin Cornelis. She is now the manager of the former Heidberg Convent (from 1698), which was recently renovated and is now available for meetings, workshops and events. It is in Eupen, in the German speaking part of Belgium, not far from Maastricht. We were also pleased to see that many of the J.S.O. colleagues were there. We spotted: Tanja, Roos, Els, Hanneke, Diana, Vera, Kremi, Agnes, Boris.
When the concert was finished, Carla signed CDs and the usual photos were taken. We had an unforgettable night. Please watch the videos and enjoy!
Concert registration, part 1 Note: This is a recording in the Open Air Theatre of Valkenburg. Hence there will be some natural background noises. The birds were singing along…….
Concert registration, part 2.
When Ruud had finished these two parts of the concert, where he had focused on Carla and Manoe, we thought that we could not leave out the beautiful music pieces performed by the Strings orchestra and the guest solo players Leoniek Hermans (mandolin) and Ludo Mariën (accordion). So Ruud created a third video, for you to enjoy!
As always: Thanks to John de Jong for his corrections to our English language!
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