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Rehearsal / German introductions Wednesday July 3rd, 2019 and July 10th, 2019
Traditionally, André Rieu holds a rehearsal the day before the first concert on the Vrijthof. This year, we did not see a ‘real’ rehearsal, but an extended sound check. All orchestra members were dressed in plain clothes. Always nice to see André working with an eye for the most minute details. The stage was completely renewed, with new sculptures on the triangular upper part of the roof and a new “brick” wall. Anna and Donij wore new stunning dresses and sang new arias (from “Les Miserables” and “La Wally”). The tenors performed the wonderful aria “Au fond du temple saints” from “the Pearl Fishers”. The backdrops were amazingly beautiful. The ladies of the 300 dancing couples also had new blue dresses. On Wednesday July 10th, Andre Rieu did all of the introductions in German. Always nice to see him at work and talk to the ‘voices’ down under in the stage (Hans Penders, his video editor and alongside him “The Boss”, aka Andre’s wife Marjorie). The Press had revealed the surprise act and spread the news that the “The Village People” would be the guests. This disco group hails from the USA and had hits in 1977, like YMCA and “In the Navy”. They were dressed like a biker, a policeman, a native American, a cowboy, a soldier, a construction worker. When the group entered the stage, virtually all present at the rehearsal, we were surprised to see them wearing tuxedos and not their customary outfits. Fans on social media were disappointed because the outfits were part of their funny act. Instead of “the Village People” André announced them as “The Vriethof People” (Limburg dialect). Later on we received more information about this subject. The name “The Village People” and their outfits are protected by copyright and owned by one member (the cop) who left the group and started a new group. Former members of the group are not allowed to use the name and outfits any more. They started to perform under the name of “Kings of Disco” and they are on Facebook. This group is André’s guest. Thanks to Sue Berry for her research. That’s why André gave them tuxedos and a new name: “The Vriethof People”…. Enjoy the video below of the rehearsal/sound check.
The real Village People in their traditional costumes
The Kings of Disco in tuxedos.
On Wednesday July 10th André had to record his texts in German Language. Fans are allowed on the square for free and we love to see these rehearsals, because you see the Maestro at work. He is speaking to the director who is in the recording truck behind the stage. Sometimes he asks the opinion of “the boss” and that is his wife Marjorie. It was a rainy evening but very enjoyable.
Sun or rain, a cap is always handy.
On the pictures: Nancy Cassidy and Nancy DeGagne from Vancouver Island, Canada, Ruud making video recordings, Angela from Brazil; Paul and Jayne from the UK, and Jennifer Moore, also from the UK.
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