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Fan photo show, Maastricht 2012 This fan photo show is a tribute to Alli (a German fan), who suddenly passed away hardly two weeks after she had attended (with her best friend Gisela) the Maastricht concert and fan picnic. We wish her family and Gisela lots of strength to bear the loss. Our thoughts are with you. Gisela gave us permission to add two photos of Alli to this show. Referring to the wishes of fans, Ineke selected three of her favourite violin classics by André: Meditation, Gadfly, and Im Chambre Séparée. Enjoy!
André's magical light show, Maastricht 2012 This is an impression of the spectacular laser lights, colors, smoke, confetti and fireworks, André presented to us during his Maastricht 2012 concerts. It was breathtaking and we were able to take pictures from under and above the laser lights. We also thank our fan friends who allowed us to use their best pictures in our slide show.
Day Trip to Hoorn (Red Rose Café) On June 28th 2012, about twenty André Rieu fans travelled by train to Hoorn, as a day trip from Maastricht. They visited the historical cheese market and the original Red Rose Café. Father Abraham (Pierre Kartner), the composer of this word famous song, had been the guest in André's encores, so the fans were in the mood to enjoy the trip and the café. They tried typical Dutch food and had an unforgettable day. The owner of Bee's mysterious yellow car (which had appeared on all Hoorn photos over several years!), made her day!
Music mix by Ruud: Sung by: Father Abraham (Dutch), Engelbert Humperdink (English), Mireille Matthieu (French), Peter Alexander (German). Instrumental: Dutch Street Organ, André and Johann Strauss Orchestra. For the people who want to sing along in Dutch is here the refrain: Daar in dat kleine café aan de haven, daar zijn de mensen gelijk en tevree. Daar in dat kleine café aan de haven, Daar telt je geld, of wie je bent, niet meer mee.
Adele's fan photo show We received a link to Adele's fan photo show: More wonderful memories!! With the 2012 concerts André celebrated the 25th birthday of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
Aussies at the fan dinner.
Franco and Adele. Thank you Adele for creating this wonderful fan photo show and sharing it with us.
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