1995: The Vienna I Iove A tribute to André’s 61st birthday and wish for a full recovery.
On October 1st, 2010 André celebrates his 61st birthday. Around this time he had to cancel the UK/Ireland tour and the Australia/New Zealand tour, due to illness. Only rest will cure his malady, so plenty of time to read a book at home... Together with our happy birthday wishes, we send André our warmest wishes for a full recovery. To cheer-up all the disappointed fans who have missed a concert, we thought to make you a surprise. We present to you the entire 1995 concert in the Amsterdam Carré theatre (called: The Vienna I love), released on VHS tape, for TROS
and PBS, and not for sale anymore. See André and the orchestra 15 years ago. Most of the JSO members are still there, but lacking a few gray hairs..... It is very funny that André introduces each of the orchestra members. We have good memories of this concert. It was the very first concert we (Ruud and Ineke) attended and since then we were hooked! 1995 the Vienna I love, part 1.
1995 the Vienna I love, part 2.
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