Marcel Falize (1) Percussionist
Lift-Off percussion and entertainment. Started by Marcel Falize in 2010, together with his three sons: Glenn, Dean and Colin. This website contains several pages with Lift-Off performances. Click HERE.
Linda Myatt, Ruud, Ineke, Marcel, Nicole. Maastricht 2014. The annual July concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht with the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
Mik Falize, son of Glenn and Gina, born in 2016. Marcel’s and Nicole’s first grandchild. Marcel’s 50th birthday on March 19, 2016.
The band “Tiroler Ohne Bergen” (Tyroleans without Mountains) was started in 2017. They play Austrian and German music. Besides the drums, Marcel can also play the bass guitar, keytar, trumpet and flute. To watch more about this band and the music school “Splash”, click HERE.
In 2018 the Falize’s started the music school “Splash”, with pupils from Holland and Germany.
Mik 3 years
April 26, 2021 One day before the King’s birthday, Marcel received a royal award, for all of his musical achievements. Nicole Falize on Facebook: “Congratulations sweetheart, I am so proud of you!”
Interview with the Falize family: The Limburger, July 3, 2019. by Kim Noach. Translation: Ineke/John.
The André Rieu concerts in Maastricht are always a party for the percussion family Falize. The Falize gentlemen from Heerlen have been a fixture in André Rieu's orchestra for years. Father Marcel (53) has been a percussionist for thirty years, followed by his eldest son Glenn (28) who has been making music with the Maastricht maestro for ten years. Younger offspring Dean (26) and Colin (22) sometimes join the Johann Strauss Orchestra as substitutes. Traveling around the world, giving concerts where tens of thousands of attendees are present per show and the best part is that you can do what you love most: playing the drums! With the fifteenth edition of the Vrijthof concerts by Rieu coming up (2019), the four Falize family gentlemen talk about the influence of music on their lives. Starting with the head of the family Marcel Falize (53), permanent percussionist with André Rieu's Johann Strauss Orchestra for thirty years. In addition he is also an instructor of the Hunting Horn and Trumpet Corps "Edelweiss" from Heerlen, musical director of his own percussion group "Lift-Off", from his home runs his music school “Splash” and is bass guitarist in “Tiroler Ohne Berge” (Tyrolerband) (Mountain less Tyrol). Where in God's name do you find the time to do all this? Marcel laughs. Youngest son Colin (22, who attends the conservatory in Enschede answers: "You have to live for the music, otherwise it does not work." Father Marcel nods in agreement: "At 7:30 AM the laptop opens and I write music, arranging... Especially when we are traveling with Rieu, there is a lot of time to work. Scheduling appointments online, preparing businesses. It's a lifestyle, which I don't know any better. And when we have free time away from Rieu, we play in the other bands. It's a matter of good planning. For example, a rehearsal with Edelweiss until 8.30 PM and by 9 PM I am rehearsing with the Tyrolean band again.” Do you ever do things with the family, without music? Glenn (28): “Certainly, a day at the amusement park.” Colin: “Or three days in London, then the best ideas for new music projects or songs arise.” Hearty laughter from the others. It is clear: these musical gentlemen live from and for music. Dean (26) also works as percussion teacher for the Splash music school, just like Glenn. And Colin regularly performs as a drummer with cover bands. The Falize sons also all play in “Tiroler Ohne Berge”, “Hunting Horn and Trumpet Corps Edelweiss” and project percussion group “Lift-Off”. They are all multi-instrumentalists on percussion. This year (2019) André Rieu celebrates his 15th edition of the Vrijthof concerts in Maastricht. Does that mean extra party time for you? Glenn: "The Vrijthof concerts are a home game for us. This time the hundredth concert will take place and the millionth visitor will be received. 'Maastricht' is the end of the year for the Johann Strauss Orchestra, after which the holiday follows, so yes, we are all extra motivated to make it a party." Marcel: "Maastricht is special because the entire square is beautifully highlighted, which does not happen in all the halls where we perform. The decor we use in there is beautiful. And it is special because in Maastricht the four of us have been on stage there more often.” With which moment as the climax? From four mouths: “Ravel's bolero.” Dean: “Three years ago we played that piece together with Rieu as soloists. That was very special. ”Marcel adds: "And Circus Renz (the well-known piece of music by Gustav Peter, with a super-fast solo on xylophone). I may have played that piece two thousand times, but it remains exciting to do it perfectly every time.” Another highlight is Edelweiss' participation in the National Military Tattoo in Rotterdam, normally reserved for various defense orchestras. How did you manage to get there? Marcel: “They approached us for this anniversary year dedicated to 200 years of military music, so it is an honor.” Edelweiss will perform five times in Rotterdam from 26 to 29 September 2019. Amongst others the Heerlen corps will play "Bolero Militair." You have traveled the world and, thanks to Rieu, experienced many beautiful moments. What do you still dream about? Marcel: „Is there still a challenge? Because we have been playing along at world levels for so many years, you no longer think and realize how great André Rieu is: he is a world artist. We do not always realize that we too are musicians known abroad. It regularly happens that fans recognize us abroad and people would like to be on stage with us.”
23 April 2022 From Facebook by Dean Falize and Nina Claassen: May we introduce to you: LIZ FALIZE. Earlier than expected but intensely loved. Today we became the proud mom and daddy of our little girl.We love you! LIZ is Marcel and Nicole’s third grandchild and first granddaughter.
August 2022. After 15 Vrijthof concerts in July 2022, the Falize family enjoyed a day out with the grandchildren: Glenn and Gina’s sons: Mik and Ian (born in 2019).
August 2022: Part of the Vrijthof concerts: The entire Falize family was on stage: Marcel, Glenn, Dean and Colin as percussionists. Nicole, Gina, Nina and Kiki (Colin’s girl friend), played in the Hunting Horn and Trumpet corps Edelweiss, (from their hometown of Heerlen).
January 2023: Carnaval prince Dean 1.
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