The week of André Rieu Five L1 specials
The week of André Rieu. Prior to the seven André Rieu concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, the Limburg TV Channel L1 will broadcast a series of five daily “specials”. Ruud, Ineke and John are packed to move to Maastricht, for the weeks to come, so it may happen that we do the English subtitles later. The first “special” is on Monday June 29, 2015: about the Bucharest concerts. The last “special” is on July 3rd, the day that the first concert on the square starts. Bucharest (June 29th, 2015) This first episode reflects on the concerts in Bucharest. Andre explains that it has taken two more years to organize these concerts. No concert hall was big enough and the local football club had such a busy schedule that the football stadium was unavailable. Important news: The intension is to perform next year concerts in Bulgaria and Russia and ….. maybe this year a special concert in Rome!
How to stay fit. (June 30th 2015) The second broadcast is about staying fit. André is aware of the importance of a healthy life style. He spends time to work out and eats healthy. It’s the only way to carry on with his travels around the world and giving concerts, which is compared with a top sport achievement. Translation Ineke/John.
Top 10 highlights of André’s career. (July 1st 2015). The third broadcast is about the top 10 of highlights in André’s career. For instance: the performance for Queen Beatrix in the caves of Valkenburg and Anthony Hopkins’ waltz. At Nr 1: Benny Neyman with the “Ode to Maastricht”
Ten years on the Vrijthof. The fourth broadcast on Thursday July 2nd 2015 is a selection from 10 years on the Vrijthof Square (part 1): The fabulous performance by Benny Neyman, 400 wind players and the male choir The Maastrichter Staar.
Ten years on the Vrijthof. The fifth and last broadcast on Friday July 3rd 2015: Again highlights of 10 years of Vrijthof concerts (part 2): Mirusia as Mary Poppins, Heino and Trini Lopez.
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