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June 29 - July 3, 2015. The week of André Rieu. Prior to the seven André Rieu concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, Limburg TV channel L1 will broadcast a series of five “specials”. Due to Ruud/Ineke/John’s stay in Maastricht, the English subtitles will be delayed. Click on the picture to watch the programs.
June 22nd 2015 Exhibition in the Museum on the Vrijthof: “Love for Detail”. The exhibition runs from June 21 to Sept. 27,  2015. Click on the picture for more information and a video.
July 1st 2015: New Maastricht Mayor: Annemarie Penn - te Strake, as from July 1st 2015.
On June 24, 2015, The Dutch movie “Code M” (about the French Musketeer d’Artagnan) was released in the Dutch cinemas. Click on the picture to watch two videos.
June 15, 2015. Romania-mania! Seven sold out concerts in front of the former Ceausescu palace, now Parliaments building. For a report of the preparations, concerts, fan picnic and our own experiences, click on the picture (Photo: Eric Reddet).
June 1st 2015: A Latin Breeze. Laura Engel, the soprano of Chilean/Dutch origin, does not perform with André and the JSO in July 2015 in Maastricht. But she will be there and has a surprise for the fans. If you like to know what “A Latin Breeze” is about, check our website. A click on the photo will provide you more information.
May 2015: Interview by TV Limburg. Life as a musician with André Rieu. Frank Steijns plays the violin for 21 years at the Johann Strauss Orchestra and is widely seen as André’s right hand. The interview is spoken in Limburg dialect. For sure the translation was a challenge to Ineke and John! Click on the picture to watch the interview.
May 28th 2015. In the L1 TV show “Avondgasten” (Evening guests) Mirusia announced her new solo tour through the Netherlands in February, March and April 2016. Click on the picture to watch the announcement. Tickets for the concert series, named “This Time Tomorrow”, are now on sale. Check for more information and tickets her website http://www.mirusia.net/.
May 18th 2015. As a warm-up to the Maastricht 2015 concerts we’d like to show you how the fans dress in order to show you their country or to express their admiration for André. Ineke dug into her fan archives and created the Fan Fashion Photo Show (part 8 of “Fan Photo Shows”) depicting dress creations from 2005 to 2014. Click on the picture to watch the photo show.
May 10th 2015. To our surprise we have just received an invitation by the publisher to attend the book presentation in the Museum at the Vrijthof, in Maastricht, on May 26, 2015. The book is named: “Rieu, Maestro without borders”. It is the result of a two year long research by three scientists of the University Maastricht, studying the secret of André Rieu’s worldwide success. The book is written by Maaike Meijer, Jac van den Boogard and Peter Peters. Click HERE to go to an article about the book in the Harmony Parlor. Click on the picture for our own reports of May 26, 2015. And click on the picture for the L1 program L1mbourgeois of May 31, 2015.
May 7th 2015 Copenhagen concert Ruud and Ineke attended the Copenhagen concert (Denmark). Here we again met with old and newly made friends from Denmark, Sweden, England, and the Netherlands. We saw the Platin Tenors with Eric Reddet for the first time. Eric replaced Thomas Greuel, who decided to leave the Platin Tenors after having been on tour with André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra for 10 years. Donij van Doorn presented a great performance as a soloist. Click on the picture to watch a video and/or look at the photos.
April 18, 2015: New find in the St. Peter’s mountain (close by André’s castle): remains of the sixth pre-historic Mosasaurus. They are displayed in the Museum of Natural History in Maastricht. For more interesting things to see and to do in Maastricht, check our pages City Walks and Day trips under Maastricht Info. For the Mosasaurus, click on the picture.
April 8th 2015: New article about Ruud Merx in the Harmony Parlor: “Searching for roots in Limburg”. Click on the picture to go to the HP. Click HERE for our site page about Ruud Merx.
March 28th 2015. Two Brazilian fan groups in Curitiba and Penha (SC) celebrated fan meetings. Click on the photo for more information and additional pictures. Carmen was present in Curitiba.
March 13,2015. Introduction to the 10 part road soap series Welcome to my World broadcast on Dutch TV as from Friday March 13. Interview by Ivo Niehe. Click on the picture to watch the interview. English subtitles added.
March 12th 2015. André visits Bucharest again for promotional reasons. In this video clip with presenter Andreea Berecleanu, André dances in the street, they eat chocolates and André announces his 7th concert in Bucharest in June 2015! Click on the picture to watch the video. Sorry, we cannot translate the Romanian language! Lipscani is a street.
March 10th 2015. RTL 4 Late Night Show Presented by Humberto Tan. To promote the British real life soap “Welcome to my world”. Click on the pictureto watch the interview. English subtitles added.
March 8, 2015. AvroTros TV Show presented by Ivo Niehe. To promote the British real life soap “Welcome to my World” Click on the picture to watch the interview. English subtitles added.
February 28,2015. Concert in Cologne, Germany. Enthusiastic fans in the Cologne concert. Click on the picture to watch a video clip recorded by Frank Steijns and several photos by Nino and Elke Freitag.
February 14th 2015: Valentine’s Day. André buys 40 red roses and a huge chocolate heart for Marjorie. For today it is 40 years ago that they engaged to be married. Click on the picture to watch two nice video-clips.
February 5th 2015. Carnival Prince Odin I gives Andre Rieu “t’ Joonk Leech”, a medal of honor on behalf of the Tempeleers, a local Carnival Association that honored him, because of his musical and cultural achievements. Click on the picture to watch the video with English subtitles added.
February 2015: Earliest Tour Programs. New items in our “Golden Oldies” section! Anthony Chávez Mancisidor, lives in Lima, Peru, discovered André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra in 2012. Since then he started collecting Tour Programs. He searched the Internet and was successful in finding very early Tour Programs, from 1987/88 and 1994/94. André’s big break through in the Netherlands was in 1994. Click on the picture to go to the “Golden Oldies” and read about André’s earliest tours, with guests and soloists. For the tour programs from 1987/88 and 1994/95,  check our Golden Oldies section.
January 2015: Video clip: André Rieu promoting the province of Limburg. English subtitles added. Click on the picture to watch the video.
January 20th 2015: Markus Lanz Late Night Show, Broadcast by ZDF, Germany’s second TV Channel. Click on the picture to watch the video. English subtitles added.
André van Duin GALA 50 years JUBILEE. In November 2014 André van Duin was honored by his friends on the occasion of his 50 years Jubilee, being Holland’s most beloved comedian, composer of silly carnival songs but also beautiful sensitive serious songs. Born in Rotterdam, now living in Amsterdam, and the celebration took place in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. André Rieu and the entire Johann Strauss Orchestra were among his friends. Translated by Ineke, edited by John.
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