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First tour to the USA/Canada again March 2022. After two years of corona break.
On March 12, 2020, André Rieu suddenly had to cancel his USA/Canada tour, due to the worldwide Covid-19 (corona) virus. He had just started the tour with the first concert in Tampa, when President Donald Trump canceled all events and announced he would close the airspace soon. Click HERE for the report of two years ago. So André, the orchestra and crew returned home as soon as possible. On March 10, 2022, is was possible to start touring again. After a few concerts in Portugal in December 2021 and Spain in February 2022, (where the audience still had to wear face masks). He continued the USA tour now and the first concert in Atlanta was a success as if he had never been away that long!
This is “Shownieuws”, Dutch TV, SBS6. Presenter: Tooske Ragas. March 10, 2022.
Here a private video, made by Brenda Paladino’s husband, posted to the André Rieu fan group Harmony Parlor on Facebook. With their permission we added it here: impression of the first concert of the tour, from the State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Ready to go touring again! Vincenzo on Facebook: Leaving Europe in one of its darkest hours (war Russia- Ukraine), flying to Atlanta where we will start our concerts in the States, trying to bring the only thing we can: music and its universal message of peace.
Emergency root canal treatment in Jacksonville. Second day of the tour: Jacksonville. André on Facebook: Thanks to Dr McClure and his assistant Cassidy who did a fantastic emergency root canal treatment on André, he can do the show tonight in Jacksonville. You are absolutely great guys!
Laurianne Thyssebaert and Martine Wijers. Face masks were still mandatory on the plane.
Gosia Loboda and Maja Jasinska.
March 24, 2022. André Rieu reschedules his concerts in Tacoma and Vancouver due to Covid-19. André Rieu on Facebook: Dear fans, We have been so excited to tour the United States since the beginning of March 2022 and enjoyed so many wonderful concerts with all of you, our dear fans. Unfortunately now we have very sad news from Portland. Again Covid has put a halt to our tour. More than 20 of our group tested positive. So we are forced to postpone the remaining two concerts. We are so sorry for the fans in Tacoma and Vancouver. Of course the concerts will be rescheduled and tickets will remain valid. We would love to have seen it differently. New dates will be communicated as soon as possible. Thank you for your love and support as always!
Happy fan friends in the Oakland concert. Kyle Craft, Ruth Morgan, Kay and Jennifer Berman, John and Bobbie de Jong, together with more friends.
De video below is an item of “Shownieuws”, March 24, 2022, with reporter Guido den Aantrekker and an emotional Pierre.
From André's Facebook: Happy to announce the new dates for the two rescheduled concerts in the USA and Canada, which will take place in September 2023: 09-26-2023 Vancouver, Pacific Coliseum; and 09-27-2023 Tacoma, Tacoma Dome All tickets remain valid for the new dates.
The musical group described as being as successful as “some the biggest global pop and rock music acts” had just been touring in the United States. André Rieu’s son and show producer Pierre, told CTV News the group discovered the outbreak while getting ready to cross into Canada. “Due to the border crossing, everybody had to test, and all of a sudden 20 people tested positive,” said Pierre Rieu. Those testing positive included members of the choir and several musicians. Rieu and his orchestra are famous for turning classical and waltz music into worldwide concerts. The musician has sold millions of dollars’ worth of CDs and DVDs. “This guy is the biggest thing since sliced bread,” said Vancouver ticket broker Kingsley Bailey. “He’s like the Liberace of the new millennium.” Pierre Rieu hopes they can return to Vancouver in September 2023. (update: Sept.26, 2023).
Shownieuws March 26, 2022. André and the crew on their way home. Reporter: Bart Ettekoven.
March 28, 2022. André’s photo on Facebook: Home again.
March 24, 2022. Vancouver News: Canadian Covid testing regulations brings halt to international concert tour bound for Vancouver. Fans of Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu have been told Saturday’s sold-out concert at Pacific Coliseum has been postponed. In an email sent Thursday, concert organizers wrote that they have “very sad news.” “Again, COVID has put a halt to our tour. More than 20 of our group tested positive,” it reads. “We are so sorry for the fans in Tacoma and Vancouver.”
Video by CTV News, Vancouver. Thanks to Alice Leung and Christine England.
March 30, 2022. The Limburger. By Timo Schmid. André Rieu’s orchestra healthy again: Three were really sick. André Rieu's dozens of Johann Strauss orchestra members are completely healed. Son Pierre Rieu says that about 40 orchestra members were infected with the corona virus in recent weeks, three of whom were really ill. Due to the corona infections in his team, André Rieu had to decide to cancel his tour in America and Canada. 40 infections. “The three who were really sick, had flu symptoms and were in bed with a fever for 2 to 3 days”, says Pierre. Meanwhile, everyone is healthy and well in the Netherlands again. Some of the orchestra members, because of the corona infection, had to "become well again" in America. No more test evidence. What makes it extra difficult for the world famous Maastricht violinist, is that Canada no longer requires negative tests evidence from travelers as of 1 April 2022. Pierre said: “We all had to test and then suddenly we had 27 positive tests, while no one was bothered by anything. That meant the we could no longer enter Canada,” says Pierre. The concerts in North America will be caught up in September 2023.
March 23, 2022: André on Facebook: Yesterday we had a lovely dinner with the entire group and we used the opportunity to make a group picture. So proud to be on tour with these fantastic people!
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