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October 1st, 2016: Fifteen years old Romano Diederen turned to be the champion of the Netherlands, in the contest between young soloists in Utrecht. Congratulations to Romano and the Diederen family!
June 29, 2016. Romano Diederen won the final contest as best young soloist of Limburg.
24th of August 2013. Romano Diederen star soloist of Kids Prince's Canal Concert. A concert on floating pontoons on the Prince's Canal is an annual tradition in Amsterdam. Romano, regarded as the best talent from Limburg, was invited to perform on the trumpet. Translation by Ineke, with the assistance of John de Jong. The red and black flag with the three white Andreas crosses is the Amsterdam coat of arms. The concert
August 2013. From "The Limburger". Thanks to Entia for the translation. Twelve-Year-Old Romano solo on Prinsengracht CLASSIC. ("The Prinsengracht Classic" is an annual open air concert on a floating stage in the Amsterdam Canal "Prinsengracht"). Twelve years old and soloist at the Children’s Prinsengracht concert. Next week Romano Diederen from Schinnen will have the honor to take to the pontoon (floating stage) in Amsterdam at the annual Prinsengracht concert which, in a nutshell, consists of a mixture of classical and pop music. The kids’ version of the “big” Prinsengracht is one of the highlights of the Canal Festival which is held in Amsterdam every year. And which young musician would not like to perform there as a soloist? This year the honor has been bestowed on the twelve-year-old trumpeter, Romano Diederen, from Schinnen who will be going solo next Saturday at the prestigious concert in the capital. He agrees that it is indeed an honor, but remains surprisingly down-to-earth about it. He has a fair amount of experience in playing before a large audience: a few weeks ago he performed during one of the Rieu concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht. "For me it feels the same." Romano has been playing the trumpet since he was six years old. This seldom happens because children can usually only start playing this instrument once they have permanent front teeth. But the boy from Schinnen was so desperate to play, that he overcame this problem. The daily bicycle rides to and from high school gave him a huge lung capacity. His musical efforts were not in vain: earlier this year he won the talent show The Talent of Limburg. Consequently he was invited to be the only soloist on Saturday during the Children’s Prinsengracht concert. Romano will perform three numbers during the concert. His performance will commence – along with the Fanfare St. Caecilia from Schinnen – with the famous theme song from Indiana Jones. Then he will perform Kyteman’s solo piece Sorry on his bugle: "That has now really become my number. It's beautiful," he says of the composition which he also performed at the Talent of Limburg competition. Finally he will accompany singer Leonie Meijer (a finalist from the first season of The Voice of Holland) with Adele’s number, Skyfall.
July 2013. Romano Diederen, 12 years old son of trumpet player Roger Diederen, has won the award for the Limburg talent of the year 2012. During the Maastricht concert series of 2013 he performed in the Johann Strauss Orchestra, together with his father.
In the local newspapers we found this article about Romano. Thanks to Entia for the translation. Top of Form ROMANO DIEDEREN Name: Romano Diederen. Date of Birth: 13-10-2000. Location: Puth (a village in Limburg). Instrument: Trumpet Food: Lasagna Color: green Sport: Mountain biking Television: Flikken Maastricht  (Maastricht Cops)  This edition of the World Music Contest (WMC) is dedicated to the youth. And to the future. Therefore, on this page we present a great musical talent from Limburg. Romano Diederen from Puth is 12 years old and plays the trumpet. We come to a halt in a quiet street in the sleepy village of Puth. It should be here (this house). One glance at the window on the upper floor of the house and we know enough: so many trophies that should be where Romano Diederen lives. If anyone deserves the title, Limburg Music Talent, it's him. All the experts point in Romano's direction. Two personal relics practically hang over each other in Romano’s room.  One of these is a poster for the Princess Christina Concours (a competition for particularly gifted musical young people) on which the young trumpeter (12) features and which can often be seen on billboards along roads in the Netherlands. The young musician takes his smart phone from his pocket. "Look," he says, chuckling and pointing at his screen on which a Facebook page is displayed. “Somewhere in The Hague my image distracted a driver to such an extent that one such sign was entirely destroyed!” Apart from the poster, the framed shirt that Romano wore during the finals of the same prestigious competition also adorns the wall - in the same way Wesley Sneijder (football player) would certainly have his first international match shirt displayed against a wall in his home in Istanbul. Romano's room exudes success and music. Apart from the articles already mentioned, there is also an autographed poster of the Slovak trumpeter, Vlado Kumpan, an extensive radio installation and that row of trophies on the windowsill. Romano himself remains remarkably modest. He is not the type to blow his own horn, his impressive resume notwithstanding. He has won many soloist competitions and in 2012 he became both Dutch champion in the Youth Division as well as Talent of Limburg. But the highly regarded teenager remains true to himself despite the size of his trophy cabinet. Tapping sounds can suddenly be heard in the bedroom. Rain? No, the fingers of Romano. No object is safe: neither the edge of the bed, nor the desk, or wardrobe ... a tap which most musicians have. "There's always a tune in my head which calls for matching rhythm.” Romano even walks rhythmically down the stairs, to where his father is seated on the couch: Roger Diederen, trumpet player in Andre Rieu’s orchestra. So he (Romano) has not been a stranger to it (the professional music ‘scene’). Although the father is visibly thrilled by his son sharing his passion, there has never been any coercion. Father Diederen: "It all happened spontaneously. At one point I started practicing with him; at home, with a small cornet. Romano later joined the band of St. Caecilia in Schinnen. There he also took lessons in 'light music' from Richard Didden, so nothing remained of the father-and-son sessions. Meanwhile Romano also played the trumpet, bugle and piano, apart from the cornet. "Romano is slightly more advanced than I was at the same age. Although I followed the same regimen, he receives superior tuition." The only thing that can now stand in the way of a glorious future in music is puberty. At the moment Romano is devoting everything to music, but what is going to happen when he faces temptations in the not-too-distant future?  He has already passed the test relating to the replacement of his milk teeth. Losing the milk teeth is, for a trumpeter, the same as a breaking voice for a singer; it has something to do with the airflow in the mouth. But everything should be fine. The Count Huyn College in Geleen which Romano attends is a gateway to the conservatory and there he's already in a group which shows ‘conservatory class’ talent. Some great performances are on the agenda. "In August there is the Children Prinsengracht Concert (Amsterdam) and in July a guest appearance with Andre Rieu at his Vrijthof concerts”. The village boy will suddenly find himself on the immense stage in Maastricht - somewhat different to what he has been used to in Schinnen! "I grew up in Puth, but my social life is at the bottom of the mountain in Schinnen. I can hardly move about without drawing attention. He would miss the fun but the life of a big artist also appeals to Romano. “I’d rather play for strangers than acquaintances.  For some reason, I am less tense." The villagers appreciate Romano’s trumpeting and even an elderly neighbor does not complain about the noise level. On the contrary: "They like it. They only sometimes ask whether I can play a composition from start to end rather than repeat certain sections." Romano's iPod: Night at the Proms / Glennis Grace - Euphoria. "The original is more of a dance tune, but with the whole orchestra it sounds really nice."Hummel’s Trumpet Concerto. "I am currently studying this. My dad says I should listen carefully to the orchestral part.”Acda & De Munnik. "For a change! And for fun, because the men should also be heard. "
This is what André Rieu wrote on his official website about Roger: Roger Diederen. The brass section in the Johann Strauss Orchestra are the best of musical friends and take great pleasure in life, as you can tell by a glance. In their private lives they are friends too and love to play badminton and go fishing together. It’s hard to imagine them sitting on the river bank together, quiet as mice! The two trumpeters have been inseparable since studying together at the music academy where they even graduated together. Roger knows how to touch the hearts of the audience with the lovely tone of his playing in many a trumpet or bugle solo. His son Romano is now following in his father’s footsteps: his great ambition is to play by his father’s side in my orchestra!
August 23, 2019. This is what we found on Roger Diederen’s Facebook account, with a “globe” so we understand it is okay to be shared by the entire world. Romano Diederen nominated his father to join the Egerländer challenge of the Netherlands!! Together they performed a tribute to Bohemian music, because: “The Bohemian music should not be forgotten and that is why we continue to play this music with a warm heart”.
During the series of 12 André Rieu concerts in Maastricht 2019, Romano joined the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
Romano turned 18 and is a qualified trumpet player now. This is what André Rieu wrote on his official website many years ago to introduce Roger: “Roger knows how to touch the hearts of the audience with the lovely tone of his playing in many a trumpet or bugle solo. His son Romano is now following in his father’s footsteps: his great ambition is to play by his father’s side in my orchestra!” So the dream came true in 2019!!
January 20, 2020. Carnival season 2019-2020. Carnival association Shinöster from Schinnen introduced Prince Brian I and his two fools: Jordy and Romano Diederen.
March 2020. Romano Diederen besides his father, touring through Germany.
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