Pierre Rieu vice president of André Rieu Productions
The Harmony Parlor blogspot posted several nice interviews with Pierre Rieu: “André Rieu’s son speaks out about his exceptional youth”, from April 27, 2015: click HERE Article “Son Pierre, the manager” (and his hobbies), from December 27, 2015: click HERE. First article about Pierre Rieu from August 2009: “A candid interview with Pierre Rieu”, click HERE.
April 7, 2021: The Limburger, by Rob Cobben. Pierre continues to work on his War Museum. In a warehouse in Maastricht, Pierre Rieu is working hard to realize his dream: an experience museum about the Second World War (1940-1945). Especially for the youth. “You have war museums of all shapes and sizes”, says Pierre Rieu. And he should know. The 39-year-old son of the famous violinist and orchestra leader has visited many of them. Because he has a fascination with everything that has to do with World War II. “But the museum that he and his group of friends – Fifty Shades of Green – have been quietly working on in Maastricht for a few years now, is going to be different”, he says. Target group: children. Key word: experience. To read more of this interesting article, click HERE to go to the Harmony Parlor blogspot.
In 2011 Ruud and Ineke visited the Liberation Museum in Groesbeek (NL), where Pierre’s collection was on display.
May 27, 2021, Dutch TV: Shownews. Translation Ineke/John. Thanks to Diana D.Le for bringing it to our attention. André Rieu’s son Pierre is building a future from the past. Pierre Rieu (40) sees his big dream come true. André Rieu's son started a museum dedicated to the Second World War, located opposite the music studios of his father's production company. The war fanatic plans to fill the museum with stories from his own family archives. Although Pierre normally deals with his father's orchestra, the violinist's son is now busy making his own dreams come true. 'I am touched by this' Father Rieu is also proud of his son. "That museum, when he tells how he is going to set it up, really gets you caught up in it..." In the video below, Pierre gives a tour through the museum in the making.
Pierre also played the trumpet in the orchestra, a few times.
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