Maastricht 2018 André in Cinemas
Robert ten Brink will introduce and present the "André in Cinema" events in the cinemas. The visitor will also receive a behind the scenes look and after the concert the host will have an exclusive interview with André Rieu. "André in Cinemas" is produced and distributed worldwide by Piece of Magic Entertainment, the production and distribution company for artists and licensors, which was founded in 2017 by André Rieu, Pierre Rieu and Caspar Nadaud and started with a series of concerts by André Rieu on the big screen. In three days in 2017 more than 28,000 people went to the cinema to view André's "André in Cinema 2017 Maastricht Concert". That almost doubled the number of visitors of the previous Rieu Concert in Cinemas. The Dutch box office record of Event Cinema was smashed after the first cinema weekend, thanks to the impressive number of more than 24,000 moviegoers. "André in Cinemas" is also very successful abroad. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, in just one day last year, a record turnover of 1.45 million pounds was realized, surpassing the 1.41 million pound record of Rieu's previous concert in cinema. In Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, "André in Cinemas" grew to become Event Cinemas' biggest event release of all time. André Rieu's Maastricht 2018 concert can be seen in more than 110 cinemas in the Netherlands on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July 2018. Video below: From Robert Ten Brink’s Facebook account.
Robert Ten Brink cinema host during "André in Cinemas" presentation.
Robert Ten Brink is a well-known Dutch reporter / presenter of programs like: ”Love is in the Air” and “All you need is love”.
Video below: SBS6, Show Nieuws, June 6, 2018.
It's time to share the Amore! André recorded this special message for you all. Join us in spreading the love and your dedication could be read out live from Maastricht and shown at our cinema events! Enter here: http://po.st/DedicateAmoreYT
June 20, 2018. To warm up the fans for the Maastricht concerts, André Rieu and his son Pierre already shared a few Amore dedications selected by them! (Posted on their official Facebook account). Watch now to see if your dedication has been chosen. For Ruud and Ineke it was a big surprise. Click here to share your own love message: https://nl.andreincinemas.com/muzikale-ode/ Translation and subtitles by Ruud, Ineke, John.
From André’s Facebook account on July 24th 2018. Aftermovie André Rieu Maastricht 2018. This message is to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended our concerts. With 13 concerts and 150,000 visitors from more than 85 nationalities, this year's edition was truly magical! Watch the full concert in one of 2000 movie theaters worldwide. Visit www.andreincinemas.com for showtimes and cities. We hope to see you in the cinemas and to be able to celebrate the 15th edition of the summer evening concerts on the Vrijthof square with you next year!
July 29, 2018. For the 14th time we watched the concert at the Pathé Buitenhof cinema in The Hague. We were welcomed by “Prince Harry” with an extra festive glas of prosecco. Thank you “Harry” and André! We took our neighbor with us, to thank him for taking care of our house, plants inside and the garden outside. Three weeks long, during a heatwave…. while we were in Maastricht. It was a hell of a job, but he kept them alive. After the cinema the three of us had a nice dinner. Thank you Kees, for what you did for us.
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