Maastricht 2018 Meet and Greet at ‘Jouw Marktkraam’ (Your Market booth).
The sopranos gave us a wonderful surprise to organize three Meet and Greets at the shop “Jouw Marktkraam”. Watch the video below for a nice impression.
The first Meet and Greet, on Saturday July 7th 2018, was held by the sopranos Laura Engel, Christina Petrou and Bob Heuvelmans (harp). To promote their three “Divas in concert” performances, they gave us a sneak preview of their concert. Agnes Fizzano took the job as page turner. She has her own booth with jewelry here.
The second Meet and Greet, on Sunday July 8th 2018, was with Donij van Doorn. She sang a few arias, accompanied by Bob Heuvelmans, harp. She is amazing!
The third Meet and Greet, on Friday July 13th, 2018, was with four sopranos: Anna Majchrzak, Shao Lin, Jing Li and Donij van Doorn.
Thank you dear sopranos, it was a lot of fun and an honor to get to know you better. Bob Heuvelmans is another multy talented man. He is a member of the male choir and an amazing harp player.
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