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Just For Fun Stiff competition for André and the JSO members
Once you post a parody on classical music (with a wink to André), you will find many more of these videos.... If you know of any other humorous video like the ones below and would like to share them with the André community, please send an email with details to ruud @ (please remove the spaces on eitherside of the @, this saves us from a lot of spam) and it may be added to this page.
Mozart: Birthday. The Netherlands Dance Theatre celebrates Jiri Kylian (well known choreographer).
This is an amazing video clip by Animusic HD. You Can find them on Facebook with more video clips of unique music pieces. This one is called Resonant Chamber. Thank you Tiny van Rooijen for sending it to us.
During a cruise to Norway in May 2011, we saw a performance by the musical ‘clowns’ Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell. Normally they make a mess with four hands on one piano. This time they had been asked by a friend to play a musical piece without messing around. They can and will prove it in the next video. But what to do with those hands when they do not play the keys... Steven and Kevin are from Edinburgh and have a nice website where you can order their DVD full of musical entertainment, like the piece for piano and vacuum cleaner.
Time for amusement. Classical music is often performed by musicians sitting quietly on their chairs, staring at the musical stands. The Spanish group PaGAGnini proves otherwise while playing the Canon in D from Johann Pachelbel. Thanks to Doug "Santa" Whalen for alerting us to this video.
In 1988 Tom Hanks played in the movie "BIG". One of the scenes was shot in the New York flagship store of FAO Schwarz, where Tom plays a big piano in an unusual way. In December 2008 the original piano returned to the store. See and listen how Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor is played. Stéphanie Detry, this video is for you! Thanks to Julie Spengler for sending us this video.
Parody on André Rieu as done by André van Duin, a Dutch comedian. For years André van Duin and his partner Ferry de Groot had a Radio show, but now can be seen on TV as well. Typically they both do the voices of three characters. In the show of April 18, 2008 André did a parody of André. Check the background violin players, do they look familiar?? Note: We have not translated this video due to the frequent verbal jokes which at times are impossible to properly translate into English, just enjoy the facial expressions. Mr. Stradivarius spending months creating a violin? Can be done much faster!
A small part of the Paul de Leeuw show as broadcast on Dutch TV. On Sunday April 5th, 2009 he had the comedian Alex Klaasen performing a few items from his new program. One of those items is shown here. He sings a children's song about two children inviting each other to play at their homes. See how an innocent children's song is converted into an opera duet and how a single white shoe is all you need... Amazing vocal switches.
Four guys, one instrument to play the Bolero. Sent to us by Jeff Rubino.
Classical "body" music with old car horns, sent to us by Suzie Henise.
How to play the piano with (your??) balls...  Sent to us by Suzie Henise.
Commercial by HP, the Office orchestra. Posted with some pain in my heart, since I (used to) work for DELL.....
Musical instruments made of spare parts from a Ford Focus.
Beer bottle symphony orchestra. For our friends down-under. The Melbourne Symphony orchestra plays the VB beer tune.  
Julie Spengler sent me these musical glasses.
More musical glasses...
Suzie Henise and her sister Ingrid de Jong sent me this video. This is almost unbelievable.   See how all of the balls wind up in catcher cones. Apparently this video is a hoax. No reference of this device exits at the University of Iowa. Nevertheless it is a nice instrument.
In the Dutch TV talkshow "Pauw and Witteman" (Easter 2008), the (Dutch) Ashton Brothers performed the "plop-number" from their new show. Bottles, bottles and bottles…
André Rieu plays: “The Butcher of Bessarabia”, by the Australian Crooked Fiddle Band.
The Vietnamese Bamboo ensemble ‘Suc Song Moi’ plays a piece from Mozart.
Marbles, Magnets, and Music (by DoodleChaos)
One flute, two players???
Making music on all kind of ‘instruments’
The Canon in D from Johann Pachelbel is one of my favorite musical pieces. Hence I could not resist posting another humorous version of this piece.
Classic FM: The double bassist Jonathan Jensen wrote the perfect lyrics to Ravel’s Bolero.
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