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Dutch TV programs, June 2019.
Program “De aardappel eters” (which means “The potato eaters”), NTR, NPO 2, June 12, 2019. Reporter: Joris Vermeer. This Dutch TV program is about food. The episode of June 12th, is about the history of the Schnitzel, a piece of meat, well-known as the Wiener Schnitzel. Ingredients: flattened veal or pork meat, flour, eggs, bread crumbs and olive oil. Italy claims that the Schnitzel hails from Milano, Italy, as it is already described in a historic document of the Catholic Church, written by an archbishop, in the year 1198. In the 19th century a war was going on between Italy and the Austrian/Hungarian Empire (of the Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Sisi). The Austrian army was led by field Marshal Joseph Radetzky. He was in Italy with his army and got to know the Schnitzel. When he returned to Austria, he introduced the recipe to Austria. It was served during glamorous dinner parties with the Austrian royalties and nobility. The meat was covered in gold leaf and people ate it like that. The Austrian population denies the story of the Italian Schnitzel. According to the Austrians the Schnitzel is originally from Vienna, Austria, and they gave it the name Wiener Schnitzel. Later on, when the working class enjoyed eating it too, the meat was changed from veal to pork and the gold leaf became the (the same golden color of) bread crumbs. In the second part of the program, reporter Joris Vermeer visits André Rieu at his castle in Maastricht. That's where the video starts. Enjoy! Translation and subtitles by the team: Ineke, Ruud, John.
Thursday, June 13, 2019. André Rieu comes to the rescue for the brass band of musicians with intellectual disabilities. Sad news for the Haarlem brassband of intellectually limited musicians, named “Happy with Music”. This band is similar to the well-known Jostiband, who were André’s guests in the Maastricht concert of 2013 (DVD “André Rieu and friends”). Thieves stole a trailer with all of their instruments. The news broke André's heart and he promised to give them new instruments. This is what they wrote on their website: "We can smile again .... Our faith in humanity is coming back bit by bit. We are so very happy with the offer by André Rieu to provide us with new instruments. We are also thankful for the money that has been raised with the crowdfunding campaign. From this money we will buy a new trailer and if there is any money left we want to purchase new helmets". The Harmony Parlor website posted a translated article from a Dutch newspaper, click HERE. Below a video of the Dutch TV program: “Hart van Nederland” (Heart of the Netherlands).
UPDATE: JUNE 15th ON STOLEN INSTRUMENTS. André Rieu does not have to buy new instruments for robbed musicians with disabilities. André Rieu does not have to open up his wallet to help out the robbed brass band from Haarlem. All stolen instruments with an estimated value of at least 20,000 Euros have been recovered. Rieu had offered to purchase new instruments for the band. According to the police, the instruments were recovered yesterday (Friday) afternoon, are virtually undamaged, and have since been returned to the victim brass band. The trailer in which those instruments were located has not yet been found. Thanks to John for the translation!
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