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A real treat from André’s Advent Calendar on December 23: The Making of “Mio Angelo”. Click on the picture to watch the video clip.
December 19, 2015. What is this?? The Rieu entertainment group “Gouwe Ouwen” (Golden Oldies) performing for the elderly! This happened around the corner of our house in The Hague, the Netherlands. Click on the picture to watch a video clip.
December 1st 2015: Released in Germany: BILD STARS MAGAZINE. 100 pages of Rieu articles with photos, news and interviews. Five chapters: His world, his music, his family, his travels, and the final chord. A real wonderful document!! We translated a few chapters for the English speaking fans on this website and on the Harmony Parlor website. Click on the picture to read the articles.
On November 12, 2015, André appeared in an item of RTL Boulevard. Click on the picture to watch the video.
November 12, 2015. André appeared in an item on Shownieuws (SBS6) He speaks about the bad times in his life. Click on the picture to watch the video.
November 16, 2015. André Rieu on Loose Women, ITV (UK Channel) Click on the picture.
Congratulations to Anna Reker and her husband, with the birth of their baby daughter on October 19, 2015. Elisabeth Lilly Grace. Anna is a soprano in the choir and she sometimes performs as a soloist. From Facebook Nov. 9: The moment when I looked deep into her dark blue eyes for the very first time ... and when I can hold her in my arms ... That was the most magic moment in my life! Today she is born 3 weeks ago… and with every single day my heart fills more and more with love. I am the happiest woman in the world!
November 7, 2015. André Rieu paid tribute to the victims of the Colectiv Club fire. An emotional André Rieu In Bucharest Romania. 1. Romanian TV 2. RTL Boulevard 3. RTL Late Night show Click on the picture to watch The TV fragments and interviews.
November 2015. Article in the Limburg newspaper about René Henket’s trumpet Collection. Click on the picture and read the full article in The Harmony Parlor.
November 2015: Release of the new album Roman Holiday with beautiful Italian music. Click on the picture to watch a few video tracks.
October 23, 2015. RTVParkstad (Limburg) broadcast an impression of the Grande Belcanto Concert with Béla Mavrák and Laura Engel. The video includes interviews with Béla In German) and with Laura (in Dutch). English subtitles added. Click on the picture.
October 23rd 2015. The German television channel MDR Broadcast an interview with André Rieu. MDR at 4 PM. Click on the picture to see the interview.
October 26, 2015. A live web chat with André Rieu at Classic FM. Click on the picture to read how André (with Marjorie at his side) replied to fan’s questions.
October 23rd 2015 From South Magazine (Limburg): Interview with Pierre Rieu. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor, to read the interview. Translated by John de Jong. Pierre Rieu: Born in Maastricht June 24, 1981 and  has been married since 2008 to Eefje. Together they have five year old twin girls, Lieke and Linde. After secondary school he studied law at the University of Maastricht, but decided to terminate his studies after just five weeks. Since  2000 he has been employed with André Rieu Productions and in 2005 became vice president.
On his 66th birthday, October 1st 2015, A ndré Rieu received a very special gift: A Jubilee Award for 35 million sold CDs and DVDs word wide. He was in Rome for the presentation of his new album Roman Holiday (Arrivederci Roma) with well known Italian melodies. Click on the picture to watch the German program Leute Heute.
September 2015. On Friday Sept. 25, 2015, Laura Engel, Mirusia Louwerse, Roger and Romano Diederen, performed a concert with brass band St. Caecilia from Schinnen: “Night of the Proms”. At “De Hanenhof”, Herenhof 2, Geleen. Geleen is another town in Limburg. Click on the picture to read a report and watch a video clip.
September 2015. Alina Lin Jong had an exhibition/ mini concert of her paintings in an art gallery in Friesland. Click on the picture to read an article in the Harmony Parlor.
September 2015. Congratulations Giedre and Jozef with the birth of your gorgeous baby son!! On July 28th 2015 was born: Auris Rafael, son of Giedre Mundinaite and Jozef Leenhouwers. Giedre is a violinist in the JSOrchestra and Jozef is a cameraman who works for André. The proud parents put a wonderful photo on Facebook and gave us permission to publish the photo on our website. Thanks Giedre and Jozef!
September 2015: From the book “Rieu, Maestro without borders”: Interview with Gosha Tarnowski. Click on the pictures to read the article in the Harmony Parlor. Click HERE to read our review on the book release in May 2015
September 19th 2015: On German TV channel ZDF: Carmen Nebel For the benefit of the German Cancer Aid, Carmen Nebel presents a fundraising show. André gave a musical contribution and a nice interview about his 40th “Ruby” wedding anniversary. Click on the picture.
2010/2011. (Posted Sept. 2015) André Rieu in Vienna. Esmée, an André Rieu fan from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, sent us this very nice interview from 2010/11. Click on the picture to watch this interview. Enjoy!
1998. (Posted Sept. 2015) A new contribution to our “Golden Oldies” section, also brought to our attention by Esmée from the Netherlands. It is a video interview from the French TV program “Celebrities” which was broadcast in France in 1998. Translation by Joe Brincat from Malta. Click on the picture and watch a very young André.
September 4th 2015. Peruvian fan Anthony Chavez Mancisidor tells his wonderful and enthusiastic personal story. He attended two concerts in Chile and one in Peru. Click on the picture of the Peruvian fan group to go to the Harmony Parlor to read his review.
August 2015: André Rieu tulip bulbs. Fall is the time to buy and plant bulb flowers. Interested in the purple André Rieu tulip? You may order them directly from the Dutch bulb grower. Ask more information at http://www.ligthartbloembollen.nl/contact.html. They will send the bulbs throughout Europe. Price: € 7,50 per 20 bulbs, excl. mailing costs. You may also find them on Facebook: Ligthart Bloembollen V.O.F. If you like to read more about the André Rieu tulip (2007), go to Sonja’s translation website, under “Inspired fans”, or click HERE.
We promised you to add subtitles in a later stadium, to the L1 series”The week of André Rieu”, episode 2, “How to stay fit”. Jo Cortenraedt interviews André and his personal coach Ruud Gransier, about health, sports and nutrition. Now with English subtitles added. Click on the picture.
August 7th 2015. Mirusia and Youri got married last week! Mirusia on Facebook: I am the happiest girl in the world! Last week I married the love of my life, Youri. We had a beautiful day surrounded by family and friends in The Netherlands. Click on the picture to go to the Harmony Parlor. More news on Mirusia’s own page on this website: Page Mirusia 5. Under JSO/soloists. Photo: Susan Noëlle.
July 2015. Australian Today Show Talk show host Richard Wilkins was in Maastricht. Click on the picture to watch an interview with André, Mirusia and Mirusia’s parents.
L1mbourgeois, July 5th, 2015 Reporter Jo Cortenraedt looks back on the first Rieu Maasticht concert of 2015. Tropical temperatures made this a challenging concert weekend. See how Rieu takes care of both the visitors and the orchestra. And who is the lady giving Andre a kiss after the show? The lady with the blue hair: Francesca, here interviewed by Jo. She sings classical songs as a hobby. Click on the picture to watch the video.
July 2nd, 2015 Brisant. The German TV station ARD aired this nice highlight of the Rieu 2015 concerts in Maastricht. Click on the picture to the left to see this video.
Many items about the Maastricht 2015 concerts can be found here. Limburg TV programs, Brisant, Australian Today show, Exhibition: Love for Detail, CinemaLive. Click on the picture.
July 2015. Part of Laura Engel’s mini concert “A Latin Breeze”, can be found under JSO/soloists, page of Laura Engel. Or click on the picture.
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