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July 2016. Adele Geritzen created this lovely photo show about the Maastricht 2016 rehearsal and concert. Thank you Adele!
July 2017. Jennifer and Peter Harrison from New Zealand spent three weeks in Maastricht. Jennifer created a very nice photoshow. Duration: 30 minutes.
NZ gatherings for the year 2016. A monthly pictural history of the very active New Zealand friendship group. Created by Jennifer Harrison, leading lady of the group.
It is so refreshing to see how this group has grown in 5 and a half years. Andre Rieu Friendship Group, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
December 10, 2017. This is a lovely video of a combined André Rieu Fans gathering and a Christmas party from the New Zealand friendship group. Christmas in the sun! Santa, gifts, happy people, beautiful flowers, and sweet rescue cats. Jennifer and Pete are well known for accommodating rescue cats. One of their cats is named “Prince André”. The video is created by Jennifer and the party was at their home in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
February 2018. Diane Arthur hosted a Feather Boa Garden party for the André Rieu friendship group in New Zealand. They enjoyed another beautiful evening of lovely music, dancing, laughter, friendship and great food. Video created by Jennifer Harrison.
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