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Maastricht 2023 Meet and Greets.
The Meet and Greets will took place at the Saturdays of 8, 15, and 22 July 2023, at 4 pm. Place to be: Oila concept store, Sporenstraat 9 A, Maastricht. Organization: Oila store, Hashtag Maastricht and JSO members. First Meet and Greet on July 8th: the gospel choir
It is hot in there, John!
Second Meet and Greet on July 15th: Vera Kool harp, Martine Wijers drum, Laurianne Thysebaert violin, with Irish tunes.
Third Meet and Greet on July 22, 2023: With Micaela Oeste, Christina Petrou, Emma Kok, Dorona Alberti, Michel and Agnes Fizzano-Walter, the new choir members Anouk Duifhuizen (Nl) and Aïsha Tümmler (De) and the new double bass player Camila Langue Cipoletta (Italian and Argentinian nationality). What a wonderful surprises!
Agnes is facetiming with her parents. Michel Fizzano (manager screens) and Agnes.
Camila, the new double bass player, and Ruud.
Aïsha Tümmler, Ineke, Anouk Duifhuizen (choir)
Micaela Oeste, Ineke, Aisha Tümmler
Emma Kok
Emma Kok, Agnes, Christina and Dorona Alberti
Enzo kok and Kevin Johnson (UK). Kevin, Dorona and Lynn Orme (UK). Lynn Orme and Micaëla Oeste.
Choir from left to right: Anna Reker, Aïsha Tümmler, Anouk Duifhuizen, Christina Petrou.
The Johnson family and Micaëla
Martine, Laurianne, Kathy, Vera, Serena Vanheuverswijn.
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