Maastricht 2016 The Concert
Maastricht 2016, the concert Please watch the video below for an impression of the 2016 Maastricht concerts. This video was taken from the screen on the right side of the stage. Unfortunately there where some technical problems, therefore the images may show some problems. Virtually the entire time during the “Blue Danube” the screen was black, hence this piece is not in this video. But, enjoy the remainder of this video! It happened during the first concert out of a series of 7! The problem was fixed before the second concert. Again many thanks to Michel Fizzano (yes, the husband of…) one of the many faces working backstage. He is responsible for the images on the screens, not for the screens themselves.
Vrijthof concerts 2016. The 12th year in a row! In our opinion this were very spectacular concerts. The theme was “The Waltz” because in 2016 it was 150 years ago that Johann Strauss composed the “Blue Danube”. André invited 170 waltzing couples to the Vrijthof. Also wheelchair waltzers, who did a great job. We have never seen a more spectacular Bolero than the one played this year with smoke and many colored laser beams. Donij van Doorn was stunning. Mirusia was amazing with her rainbow dress. And what to think of Stéphanie Detry, tap dancing on the piano? The entire audience was swinging along with Lou Bega while performing Mambo # 5 and Tutti Frutti. Great memories from our youth to which we still knew the words to sing along!
We found these three videos below on YouTube. Filmed by Astraeus Video, posted on August 15, 2016. The first video gives a very nice impression of the atmosphere of the Maastricht concerts 2016 from 6.30 PM as the square opens for the dinner- and concert attendants, until the start of the concert at 9 PM.
The second video is Lara’s Theme and the waltzing couples.
The third video is the Beer Barrel Polka.
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