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King’s Day in Maastricht April 27, 2020. (Postponed to April 27, 2021).
King’s Day in Maastricht, April 27, 2020. Since 2013 King Willem-Alexander of Oranje Nassau, has been inaugurated as head of state of the monarchy the Netherlands. Each year, on his birthday, he likes to visit a city in the Netherlands. Maastricht was selected for 2020. As from 11 AM, he and his family will walk a certain route through the city, accompagnied by the mayor. They will start the route from the Wyck part of the old St. Servaas Bridge. It is great that the Café/ restaurant “The Piepenhoes” has a webcam that is focussed on the bridge so you can see them coming. Click HERE for the webcam and scroll down to the Piepenhoes webcam. Via the “Mestreechter Geis” (the spirit of Maastricht) statue, they walk to the OLV plein (Our Dear Lady Square) and via the Bredestraat to the Vrijthof Square. On the picture: the royal route is marked in orange, and the blue line shows the streets which will be closed off on that day, as a security measure.
This is the royal family in 2019. The King married in 2002 Máxima Zorreguieta, who hails from Argentina. They’ve got three daughters: Amalia (16), Alexia (14), Ariane (12). Catherina-Amalia will be her father’s successor on the throne in the future.
Mestreechter Geis. (Spirit of Maastricht).
King’s Day 2020 in Maastricht had to be canceled due to the Corona virus. The video was on Dutch TV, channel EO, program “Royal Blood”, on April 25, 2020. Jeroen Snel interviewed the Maastricht Mayor Annemarie Penn and André Rieu. Translation by Ineke, assisted by John. Technics: Ruud.
King’s Day 2020 canceled due to Corona Virus!!!
Ineke on King’s Day, working at home for the website, adding English subtitles to the video. How come that my pastry suddenly looks so tiny??
The way we work: Ruud takes the relevant parts from the TV program and makes the video suitable for the website. Ineke translates the text in a subtitle document. Then the video and translation are sent to John. He is awake in the USA while we are sleeping in Holland (a nine hour time difference). The next morning we find the improved text in the mail. (Here you can see John’s improvements in red). Next Ruud makes it possible that Ineke can add the subtitles to the video, and finally Ruud puts it on the website, where Ineke has already prepared the frames. What a teamwork across the ocean!
King’s Day 2020: The Royal family at home, in their Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Brazilian Carla Maffioletti on Facebook: Thank you Netherlands for 20 years of a beautiful life, friends and unforgettable moments!
At 4 PM: a national toast with the King. Happy birthday and Long Live the King! With the traditional orange gin: “oranjebitter”.
André found a new hobby in baking cakes during the Corona ban. His masterpieces are getting bigger and more beautiful every day. Click HERE.
André invites the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his family to come to Maastricht and waltz on the Vrijthof, as soon as he and his orchestra are allowed to perform again. (We wonder: April 27, 2021 or July 2021??)
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