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Lodz, Poland June 2, 2019.
Facebook report and all pictures by Julia McCarthy-Fox and Kathy Prater. June 2, 2019. Hillarious Snow Waltz in Lodz. The André concert that we attended in Lodz, Poland, is one that Kathy and I will never forget. Although it was the same program that we have seen, we will always remember that night as the one when André got a taste of his own medicine, when the snow during The Snow Waltz "went rogue". As anyone who has attended a concert with snow knows, the "danger zone" is generally between rows 9 and 15, and at the front you are pretty safe from it. In Lodz this was not the case. All these photos are from the front row, where we ended up with a liberal coating, and as you can see it didn't stop there. André took refuge behind the first row of the orchestra to try to avoid it, then moved over to the side of the stage by the cellos, where it followed him. He spent the entire piece dodging around, which was hilarious to watch, and at the end many of the orchestra joined in with the audience brushing out of their hair and off their clothes and instruments! It was amusing watching the gallant men using their handkerchiefs to help the ladies, and in some cases blowing furiously at them to clear the snow away from them too. During the interval there was a huge clean up exercise as in addition to being all over the stage the snow was on and in the cameras and monitors (watch the video below). For Kathy and me The Snow Waltz will never be the same again!
Poland has many enthusiastic fans! André Rieu on his Facebook account. June 3, 2019. The wonderful Polish audience singing "100 years shall he live". So moving!
Cleaning the stage during the intermission. Video by Julia.
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