1996: André Rieu “In Concert” Haarlem.
Golden Oldies: André Rieu In Concert. 1996. This concert was recorded on VHS tape on October 1st 1996 in the Concert Building of the Dutch town of Haarlem. It includes exclusive interviews with André. This "In Concert" VHS, was his third VHS-tape to be released in the Netherlands, after "Strauss and Co" and "Wiener Melange". They are not for sale anymore. If you would like to know the names of the earlier Johann Strauss Orchestra members, please consult our JSO photo show and click HERE. We recognized: Marc Doomen (French horn), Wil Rijs (double base), Jan Baruschke (violin), Jo Huijts (piano), Martijntje Hermans (viola), Monica Das (violin).   André Rieu in Concert, part 1.
André Rieu in Concert, part 2.
André Rieu in 1996.
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