In 2002 There was a daily talk show on Dutch TV presented by Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp. Regular guest was columnist and former soccer player Jan Mulder. In this show they have three more guests: André Rieu, Victor Löw (actor) and Frits Wester (journalist). Thanks to Diana D Le from Texas, who found one part of the interview. Ruud found the other part and combined them, to cover the entire show (first video). Two months later André and the orchestra performed during the talk show (second video). Translation Ineke/John. Subtitles, technics: Ruud.
November 2002. Two months after the talkshow, André Rieu and the orchestra performed in the TV studios of the “Barend and van Dorp” talk show, and the presenters and their (critical) regular guest, had the guts to feature as soloists! Rather hilarious!
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