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December 29, 2017. First performance by students of “SPLASH”, which is the new percussion school, founded by Marcel Falize in June 2016. Did you know that the Falize family also started a Tyrolean Band, named “Tirol Ohne Bergen”, which means “Without Mountains?” (because Holland has no mountains….)
December 29, 2017. Article from “Parkstad Actueel”, by Callie Steijaert. Translated by Ineke, assisted by John. The first big student concert in Cornelius House, Heerlen, Limburg, on Saturday December 30, 2017. When the name Marcel Falize (residing in Heerlerheide) is mentioned, then everyone knows that he is a professional musician, who for many years has been a gifted percussionist for the world's best Stand-Alone- Violinist André Rieu and his Johann Strauss orchestra and subsequently performs in almost all parts of our globe. In addition, he has also been instructor/conductor of the successful Hunting-Horn & Trumpet Band "Edelweiss" in Heerlen (Heksenberg) for 20 years and is also involved in the riffle club "Vaesrade". The Lift- Off orchestra is also a brainchild of his, in which his three sons, Colin, Dean and Glenn are also closely involved. So this is clearly a musical family. With Marcel Falize there are no limits when it comes to musical ideas. A special example of this is the new percussion school, named "Splash", which was launched in August 2016 as a part of Lift-Off, and began with only two students. But now, December 2017, Marcel & sons already have 60 students in their educational program, who hail from various locations in Southern Limburg, with some even from an international location of Selfkant (German municipality). The approach of this education is to provide tailor- made lessons in, amongst others, the playing of small drums, drums, percussion and melodic percussion instruments. The Splash Percussion School therefore provides tailor-made lessons and should also be seen as a preparation for the conservatory for the (aspiring)-musician. In the meantime, the training cycle of the current students is such that Marcel with ease in mind dared to organize a real (student) concert together with his percussion orchestra Lift-Off. An Open Podium for the students to get used to performing. This will take place on Saturday 30 December 2017, as a real premiere, in Cultural Center Cornelius House in Heerlerheide at 6 pm (with free entrance). Of course students will be featured in the first part of the program and in the second half a collaboration concert with Lift Off. Everyone is of course very welcome to attend this concert, which can only be described as unique. It certainly is worth the effort. After the concert no one needs to go home immediately, because there will be a sparkling "After Party" on stage with the cooperation of their own Tyrolean band "Ohne Bergen" (see photo), which can also be heard on 13 January in the community house Heksenberg and on 28 January there will be a ladies' session at the Café de Bok in Heerlerheide. To read more about the percussion school SPLASH and the band Tyrol without Mountains, click HERE. And to read more about the history of Lift-Off from the start in 2010, click HERE.
January 10, 2020, Limburg newspaper, by Siebrand Vos. Photo: Kaldenbach. Translation by Ineke, assisted by John. Prince Colin I (Falize) of the Bokkeriejesj (Billy-goat riders) from Heerlerheide (Limburg) plays the Boléro during André Rieu's world tour. These are busy days for the brand new Prince. We ask him everything. Today: Colin I (Falize) (23) from De Bokkeriejesj (Billy-goat riders) from Heerlerheide, a town in Limburg. The Prince of the Carnival's Association “The Billy-goat Riders” is always lured first to a secret location in Heerlerheide. Can you tell us something about that? "My parents had perfectly prepared it in secret with the Princes' Committee. When I opened the door there, I literally fell in due to a stile, which was actually placed there for this effect Furthermore, I am not allowed to say anything about it, because this location could be used again next year. In Heerlerheide it is still a competition to guess as to who the new Prince will be - that says something about how lively carnival is here". The new Prince hails from a family of percussion instrument players and professional musicians. You're no exception, are you? „No, I am in the final year at the Pop Academy in Enschede (town in Holland) as a drummer. My father and brothers are classically trained. I'm a little bit in between. I am a part time-on-call employee with André Rieu, where as my father Marcel and brother Glenn are in permanent employ. Playing with Rieu just because of the entourage, is a fantastic experience. During the upcoming world tour the four of us - my middle brother Dean is also participating - are playing the Boléro by Ravel, at the front of the stage. Earlier my father Marcel Falize did that alone”. Does Colin I also play drums with a brass band? "No. Only with the band “Jachthoorn and Trompetterkorps Edelweiss” (hunting horn and trumpet corps Edelweiss) and the orchestra “Lift-Off Percussion & Entertainment”. And also with the Tyrolean music band “Tiroler Ohne Berge” (Tyrol without Mountains), with which we also played during the exclamation. With “Edelweiss” we always participate in the procession of Groeët Ghen Heij. That is one of the largest processions in the region. For me the upcoming procession will be very special, because I am a genuine boy from Heerlerheide. The procession goes from Heerlerheide to Nieuw Einde and then back via Heksenberg. Just imagine: I was born and raised in Nieuw Einde, now I live in Heerlerheide and I rehearse in Heksenberg. Everywhere there are acquaintances.”
Prince Colin I.
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