CPR Relay September 29, 2023.
L1, Sept. 29, 2023. Translation by Ineke, edited by Diana D. Le. CPR relay. In Limburg, we have relatively many people who can resuscitate someone. Yet it is never enough and everyone should actually be able to save lives. This is the opinion of the CPR Relay Foundation, which this time drew attention to resuscitation skills at the Bernard Lievegoed College in Maastricht. André Rieu is ambassador of the relay. André Rieu has never resuscitated anyone himself, but hopes to be saved in this way if necessary. "Yes, it is nice if people around you can save you. I hope to convey that enthusiasm," said the Maastricht violinist on Friday at the fifteenth edition of the resuscitation relay. During this relay, extra attention is paid to the importance of resuscitation. And that is not unimportant. "Awareness has increased due to this relay," says chairman Jack van Oppen of the Limburg resuscitation relay. "The number of survivors has increased by 30 percent." Rieususcitation This Friday, the relay will take place at the Bernard Lievegoed College in Maastricht. Rieu is present as ambassador. "I've never had to perform CPR myself," he says. "I do remember that we used to leave a trail of destruction when we played with our salon orchestra in retirement homes. I have often experienced that someone had to be resuscitated. That is why I became an ambassador. I want to be able to do it myself." Young people Experts in the field of cardiovascular health from the Heart/Vascular Center of the Maastricht UMC+ (The Maastricht University Medical Center plus is a partnership between the Maastricht academic hospital and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences), will give lectures and workshops on various topics during the resuscitation relay. There are workshops on thrombosis, cardiac arrhythmias and laboratory research and lectures on blood and the relationship between art and the heart. The students also receive information about working at the MUMC+, so that they become acquainted with the different professions they can pursue in the hospital. Mr. Van Oppen thinks that it is therefore important that young people learn CPR. He says: "I think they will take it very seriously after today. Especially because there are also survivors who come to tell their stories.”
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