Sprekend Nederland About dialects in the Netherlands
May 22, 2016. Dutch TV program about several dialects spoken in the Netherlands Sprekend Nederland. André receives the camera crew in his garden with “vlaai” and tells about the Maastricht dialect.
Dutch subtitles are added by the program makers. To show the difference, we preferred to keep the Dutch subtitles in the video. The translation, done by Entia Shadwell from South Africa, is below. Thank you Entia! If you are in Limburg You cannot go without some 'Limburg vlaai'  (a sweet local pastry). Would you like a bite or do you prefer a cookie? When I'm in Holland… because that's what we call it,  uh: 'Holland'. It's situated above here, (in the northern part of the country)… Then it's: "Are you going back all the way to Maastricht?" Yes, I'm definitely going back. As though you are going to a foreign country! While it is merely a region within the Netherlands… The entire Maastricht language (dialect) can be summarized in one sentence: "Maastricht is not wide, but Maastricht is loooong." I was born here and I've lived here all my life… …and I'm going to die here, but that is not going to be in the near future. I am 66 and I'm going to become 120, so I still have time left. But I travel so much all over the world that I almost feel like a citizen of the world… however, I always want to come home to Maastricht again. It is nice coming home. Maastricht is a great city. What is nice about it, is that people don't bother me when I walk through the city. It's like: "Andre is in town again. Let him be." But if I walk through Amsterdam, it's: "May I have your autograph?" When I say: "I don't have time" their response is: "Jerk." Here it is super relaxed, nice and quiet.
Here we go. Or do you prefer a cookie?
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