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Chinese video from 2017 posted in May 2020 on YouTube.
Our dear friend Alice Leung, who hails from Hong Kong, found this video for us on the host JoJo Zou’s YouTube Channel. When the Leung family first bought André's vinyl "Serenata" back in 1985 in Hong Kong, the city was still under British government. (Currently Hong Kong is part of China again). In 1990 the Leung family moved to Vancouver, Canada. They were very active in creating little flags and fan stuff for the Maastricht dinners, picnics and concerts, which they sent to us in heavy packages. In 2009 the entire family attended the concerts in Maastricht. The video was recorded in 2017 but just posted on YouTube in 2020. In 2014 André performed for the first time in China, in Shanghai. The video has Chinese and English subtitles. Duration: 30 minutes.
In 2017 Ruud and Ineke spent a few days with Alice and her mother in Vancouver, Canada
Ineke, Alice Leung and the world famous Rieu-car.
Father Charlie, who also was a big fan, sadly passed away in 2017.
Here the “workshop” in Vancouver and the result in Maastricht.
2009: The entire Leung family in Maastricht.
JoJo Garden Flourish Joy Together. Talk host JoJo Zou presents in China a TV show named: JoJo Garden Show. She must have found André more special than her other guests, since she included many shots of André in her trailer. Thank you Alice for sending us the trailer.
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